Axel E Sundbotten


Image from Den Stygge
Photo: Haugesund Avis
Lighting by Axel E Sundbotten
Den Stygge, Haugesund Teater, February 2012

Located in Bømlo at the west coast of Norway where the roads have no name!

I have been working with lighting, audiovisuals and pyrotechnics since 1974. My influences and experience is from theater, dance and concerts, and I love to combine elements from these 3 genres. I have been working in the strangest locations outdoor and indoor as well as well equipped stages. I mainly work in Norway but enjoy doing random jobs abroad.

Lighting Design training for children and students:
My youngest students are 8 years old.
We work with "the method" where we have divided our 12x8m stage into 6 fields, worked with motivated lighting, RGBA colormix on the cyclorama, discussed the importance of F.O.H. lighting in plays versus sidelighting in dance and looked at differences in PARs, Fresnells and Profiles. With the profiles we have worked with gobo`s, iris and shutters. And of course with children that age we are talking a lot about safety. They seem to enjoy, specialy when they are allowed to play around with the moving heads and making nightsky on the cyclorama!