RSC Lightlock: Available Now from White Light

White Light

Unique moving light stabilisation device now available in the UK, exclusively from White Light

Leading entertainment lighting supplier White Light is delighted to announce its appointment as the exclusive UK dealer for the RSC Lightlock, the unique moving light stabilisation device which won a PLASA Gold Award for Innovation when it was first previewed in 2008 and the Best Debuting Product Award when launched at LDI 2009.

Created by the Royal Shakespeare Company and manufactured by Total Structures, Lightlock is designed to open up new lighting and rigging possibilities by automatically damping the unwanted movement that occur when moving lights are rigged from short bars or trusses. Normally, the centrifugal forces caused by the moving light are transferred to the truss, which continues to oscillate long after the light has completed its movement so causing the light beam to sweep wildly around its target focus position. Rigged between the light and the truss, Lightlock detects the movement and automatically damps it by moving a weighted mass in the opposite direction to the movement of the truss. Truss oscillations which would normally continue for twenty seconds or more, depending on how quickly the light was moved, are brought under control almost instantaneously.

By allowing even the largest of moving lights to be rigged on separate short flown bars, the RSC Lightlock opens up a whole range of new design possibilities, whether just letting individual lights to be flown in for maintenance, or allowing a separate height to be set for each fixture – and even varied during the show – as part of the production’s scenic and lighting design. This kind of use will be invaluable for theatre, television and large-scale touring: Lightlock is already on the road with Bon Jovi’s The Circle tour, controlling the movement of both Syncrolite MX4 fixtures and moving video columns.

The RSC Lightlock was designed by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Head of Lighting, Vince Herbert, while working on possible lighting rig designs for the RSC’s new Royal Shakespeare Theatre, currently under construction in Stratford-upon-Avon. Herbert was keen to be able to create individually flown clusters of lights, both to allow lighting angles to be varied during productions and to reduce the need for staff to work at height, with moving lights removing the need to get to the rig for focus and the flown modules allowing the rig to be maintained at ground level.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the RSC Lightlock to everyone working in lighting in the UK,” comments White Light’s Technical Director, Dave Isherwood. “We’ve watched Vince’s idea evolve from the original concept over the last few years, to the very neat finished package built by Total Solutions. It is one of those products that is not needed on every show – but is the only solution available to those who need its special magic, and can even inspire people to go forward with designs that might have been rejected as impractical prior to Lightlock’s creation.”

The RSC Lightlock itself is a compact unit, resembling the top box of many moving lights at just 515mm x 429mm x 76mm; the unit weighs just 14kg and draws a maximum of 150W, the power input switchable between 220V and 110V. It does not need a data feed. Further information about the RSC Lightlock, including a video showing exactly what the device can do, is available at

The RSC Lightlock joins the range of innovative lighting products distributed in the UK exclusively by White Light, including the RevEAL CW LED washlight and products from Robert Juliat, LSC, Look Solutions, Rainbow, ELC, LDDE, JB Lighting, Illieum, Wireless Solution and others.

Posted 6 April 2010