(Another!) Award For The RevEAL CW

White Light

Prism Projection’s LED Washlight, distributed in the UK by White Light, adds to its awards tally

At the 2010 ABTT Show in London in mid-June, the innovative RevEAL CW LED Washlight from Prism Projection, distributed in the UK by White Light, continued its hugely successful debut year, picking up the show’s coveted Hook Clamp award for Best New Lighting Product against some tough competition.

In awarding the prize, the judges noted the fixture’s flat field, its efficiency, and its colour-correcting ability. This functionality sees each RevEAL CW fixture automatically monitor its light output and auto-correct for any changes as the fixture ages, ensuring that output is consistent from unit to unit and over time. The compact fixture offers colour mixing with a variable white colour temperature, offers an average of 46 Lumens per Watt output, does not generate waste colour filters or lamps, and without degrading ultraviolet or uncomfortable infrared wavelengths in the light is a great choice for display, exhibition and architectural lighting.

These strengths have already been recognised by lighting professionals around the world – in addition to the ABTT award, the RevEAL CW collected the prize for Best Debuting Product at LDI2009 in Orlando, and was jointly named Lighting Product of the Year 2010 by Live Design magazine.

Further information about the RevEAL CW LED Washlight can be found on the website of its UK distributors, White Light, at

Posted 14 July 2010