ALD Working Groups

The ALD operates much of its work through smaller working groups to minimise the burden on Executive committee member contributions.  They will be particularly focused on a specific issue or project to deliver.  Each WG also has an additional set of supporters who can be called upon to assist with discussions or elements of the overall workload as required or necessary. Working Group Chairs automatically become ex-officio members of the ALD Executive Committee.

We are actively looking for members to contribute from outside of the current Executive Committee. If you are interested in more information or to join or help any of the above, please use the website contact form   


ALD Awards                 

Chair: Rory Beaton                            Team: Steve Huttly; Emma Chapman; Gerry Amies​


Diversity (Representation & Inclusion) 

Chair: Jai Morjaria                            Team: Jess Bernberg; Nick Moran; Steve Huttly


Lumiere Scheme

Chair: Charlotte Burton                    Team: Katharine Williams, David Howe, Malcolm Rippeth,

                                                                     Peter Mumford


Meetings, Events & Professional Development

Chair: Tom Wilkes                             Team: Paul Fielder, Iain Quinn


Opera & Dance Lighting 

Chair: Mark Jonathan                       Team: Bruno Poet, Jon Clark, Paule Constable, Lucy Carter,

                                                                     Malcolm Rippeth, James Farncombe, Peter Mumford


PR & External Communications

Chair: Kelli Zezulka                            Team: Tom Wilkes; Ian Saunders; Rory Beaton; Jo Boyd


Professional Working Practice      

Chair: Lucy Carter                             Team: Robbie Butler; Stuart Porter; Mark Jonathan



Chair: Jack Wills                                Team: Ben Linwood



Chair: Paule Constable                    Team: Jess Bernberg; Darran Curtis; Rob Halliday; Matt Harding;

                                                                        Chris Mence; Lucía Sánchez Roldán



Chair: Jenny Kershaw                       Team: Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson



Future proposed WGs – please contact us if you are interested in joining these groups

Video & Projection Design

Concert Touring 

Console Programmers