Executive Committee

The Executive deals with the day to day running of the association, formulating policy for ratification by the members, fielding enquiries from members and managements, representing members on other bodies and committees, publishing the Association’s magazine and other publications, setting up members’ meetings, entertainment, classes and organising the membership and finances of the Association.

Members of the Executive:

Richard Pilbrow's picture

Richard Pilbrow | President

Richard is member #1 and helped to set up both the ALD and its forerunner, the Society of British Theatre Lighting Designers, in 1961.

Previously a chairman of the ALD, he now maintains his links and input into the association as its President.

Rick Fisher's picture

Rick Fisher | Vice President

Rick is an elected director and board member until the 2020 AGM.

As a previous Chair of the Association, Rick now fulfils a more ceremonial role as Vice President promoting the work and benefits of the ALD and handing out the occasional award.

Johanna Town's picture

Johanna Town | Chair

Johanna is an elected director and board member until the 2019 AGM.

Having been a professional rep for a number of years, Johanna took over as ALD Chair in January 2018.

Mark Jonathan's picture

Mark Jonathan | Deputy Chair

Mark is an elected director and board member until the 2021 AGM.

A busy international lighting designer, Mark also acts as Deputy Chair, and writes a popular column in Focus each edition.


Mark White's picture

Mark White | Treasurer

Mark is an elected director and board member until the 2021 AGM.

He became Treasurer in 2014 and brings with him a wealth of experience of from his time as treasurer of the Showlight Quadrennial symposium of light and Chair of the Association of British Theatre Technicians.

Lucy Carter's picture

Lucy Carter | Professional Representative

Lucy has recently joined the Executive and is the point of contact for any professional or affiliate members that are working as designers.

Stuart Porter's picture

Stuart Porter | Professional Representative

Stuart is an elected director and board member until the 2021 AGM.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Stuart is the professional members' representative for those who are not working as designers - programmers, crew chiefs, production electricians etc. 

Katharine Williams's picture

Katharine Williams | Project Leader

Katharine is an elected director and board member until the 2021 AGM.

A freelance lighting designer working in drama, dance and physical theatre, she is currently the Project Manager for the ALD's Lumiere Scheme where she co-ordinates the Lumiere's time with the venues during the first half of the project, and with finding projects & mentoring LDs for the second half of the project.

Nick Moran's picture

Nick Moran | Education Representative

Nick is an elected director and board member until the 2020 AGM.

He also acts as the Executive representative and head of the working group concerned with the education of future practitioners in both Higher and Further Education. He also sits on the board of Skillscene which aims to influence, promote and support the provision and  uptake of high quality, industry relevant, continuing professional development for theatre workers. 

Kelli Zezulka's picture

Kelli Zezulka | Editor of Focus Magazine

Kelli is an elected director and board member until the 2019 AGM.

She commissions, compiles and layouts each edition of Focus, the ALD's in-house members' magazine.  if you are interested in writing an article for Focus, you can contact her at editor@ald.org.uk 

Peter Mumford's picture

Peter Mumford | Member

Peter is an elected director and board member until the 2019 AGM.

ALD Chair from 2011 - 2017 


Alistair Grant's picture

Alistair Grant | Member

Alistair is an elected director and board member until the 2019 AGM.


Steve Huttly's picture

Steve Huttly | Member

Steve is an elected director and board member until the 2020 AGM.

Rory Beaton's picture

Rory Beaton | Student Representative

Rory's role is to act as a point of contact for current and future students of live performance lighting and video and to help them find their bearings in the ALD membership and also the world of work.  He also acts as the organiser of the Michael Northen Bursary on behalf of the ALD.

Robbie Butler's picture

Robbie Butler | Equity Representative

Robbie sits on the Equity Directors and Designers committee to represent lighting designers' interests within their union.  If you have specific Equity enquiries - equity@ald.org.uk

Tom Wilkes's picture

Tom Wilkes | Meetings Team

Tom leads the meetings and events team and is the main point of contact to organise tours, visits and social evenings for ALD members.

Jai Morjaria's picture

Jai Morjaria | Working Group Chair

Jai chairs the Diversity (Representation & Inclusion) Working Group which is investigating how to remove the barriers of the structural inequality within our industry to enable anyone who wishes to make a career in live performance lighting or projection.

Prema Mehta's picture

Prema Mehta | Member

Prema works as a freelance Lighting Designer, and is currently Chair of Stage Sight which aims to widen the representation of the workforce in off-stage roles so that our industry more accurately reflects our society. 

Ian Saunders's picture

Ian Saunders | Executive Director

Ian is the main day-to-day contact with both the public and members. Dealing with general enquiries, membership issues, trade show stands, meetings, minutes, social media and the washing up.  He was treasurer for ten years and has helped developed the ALD as administrator and now Executive Director for the last decade.

He is a Member of the Institute of Association Management

John Leventhall's picture

John Leventhall | Association Development

With career experience of the corporate retail world, arts and charities organisations, and in his youth, theatre lighting, John is the person who investigates and develops the future arc of the ALD's structure, organisation and offer to members and non-members alike. He also acts as Company Secretary.