Photograph from The Green Fairy - lighting design by Alex Lewer
© The Guardian Photographer: The Guardian | From the show The Green Fairy
Photograph from Lipstick - lighting design by Alex Lewer
© Rupert Henderson Productions Ltd Helen Aluko and April Hughes | Photographer: Lidia Crisafulli | From the show Lipstick
Photograph from SuRie - [ˈdʌz(ə)n] - lighting design by Alex Lewer
© MMP Ltd / Gary Morrisroe Photographer: Gary Morrisroe | From the show SuRie - [ˈdʌz(ə)n]
Photograph from Love Story - The 10th Anniversary in Concert - lighting design by Alex Lewer
© Danny Kaan Michael Xavier and Emma Williams | Photographer: Danny Kaan | From the show Love Story - The 10th Anniversary in Concert
Photograph from One Minute - lighting design by Alex Lewer
© Colin J Smith, All Rights Reserved Photographer: Colin J Smith | From the show One Minute
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Alex Lewer

Alex is a lighting designer based in London. He specialises in small/mid-scale plays, new musicals and integrating new technology into theatrical productions.

Recent work includes: Essence at Vault Festival 2020, Lipstick at Southwark Playhouse, The Green Fairy and Striking 12 at The Union Theatre, Burkas and Bacon Butties, BOXED at The Vaults, SuRIE - Something Beginning With... live album launch, Simon Stephens' One Minute (Off West End Award Nominee for Best Lighting Design) for Delirium; Streets and Another Way for Interval Productions - and the last five Christmas shows at Cheltenham Playhouse: Tom’s Midnight Garden, The Hatter in Winterland, Pinocchio & The Christmas Wish, The Snow Queen and Peter Pan - The Revenge of Captain Hook.

In addition to his freelance lighting design work, Alex is the co-owner of Stage Team, a radio mic hire business; and runs Wonder Delivery Unit, a creative studio that builds custom solutions and develops new technology for use in theatre and live entertainment.

Forthcoming productions

Show name Type Venue/Company Role Creative team Opens
Bright Half Life Theatre Kings Head Theatre
Panorama Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Steven Kunis
Set designer: Cara Evans
07 Sep 2022

Previous productions

Show name Type Venue/Company Role Creative Team Opened
Clybourne Park Theatre Park Theatre
Trish Wadley Productions and David Adkin
Lighting Designer Director: Oliver Kaderbhai
Set designer: James Turner
Mar 2022
Love Story - The 10th Anniversary in Concert Concert Cadogan Hall Lighting Designer Director: Kirk Jameson
Nov 2021
Lipstick Theatre Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'
Rupert Henderson Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Ed White
Mar 2020
Essence Theatre The Vaults Lighting Designer Director: Tori Allen-Martin
Feb 2020
Tom's Midnight Garden Theatre Cheltenham Playhouse
House Full Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Bill Cronshaw
Dec 2019
The Green Fairy Musical The Union Theatre
The Greatest Thing Ltd
Lighting Designer Director: Jack Sain
Set designer: Katherine Heath
Oct 2019
SuRie - [ˈdʌz(ə)n] Concert Bishopsgate Institute
Lighting Designer Feb 2019
The Hatter in Winterland Theatre Cheltenham Playhouse
Noodle Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Gregory Aston
Dec 2018
Striking 12 Musical The Union Theatre
Striking 12 Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Oliver Kaderbhai
Set designer: Natalie Johnson
Dec 2018
Burkas and Bacon Butties Theatre Vault Festival, London
Tara Finney Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Sarah Henley & Sarah Butcher
Set designer: Tom Rogers
Feb 2018
Pinocchio & The Christmas Wish Theatre Cheltenham Playhouse
Rolling Stock
Lighting Designer Director: Suzanna Segura
Set designer: Katie Hart
Dec 2017
BOXED Musical The Vaults, London
Made in LDN Collective
Lighting Designer Director: Philip Griffin
Set designer: Alexandra Purvis
Sep 2017
The Snow Queen Theatre Cheltenham Playhouse
Rolling Stock
Lighting Designer Director: Suzanna Segura
Set designer: Matthew Nolan
Dec 2016
Something Beginning With... Concert The Cockpit Theatre
Lighting Designer Dec 2016
Muted - In Concert Concert The Actor's Church
Interval Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Jamie Jackson
Feb 2016
Peter Pan and The Revenge of Captain Hook Theatre Cheltenham Playhouse
Rolling Stock
Lighting Designer Director: Ann Wessen-Munn
Set designer: Mike Kingston
Dec 2015
The Night Before Christmas Theatre Gary's Warehouse
Different Breed Theatre
Lighting Designer Director: Sarah Henley
Dec 2015
One Minute Theatre The Vaults, London
Lighting Designer Director: Oliver Kaderbhai / Matthew Churcher
Set designer: Natalie Parsons
Sep 2015
Streets Musical The Vaults, London
Interval Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Tori Allen-Martin
Jan 2015
From Where I'm Standing Theatre Pegasus Theatre - Oxford, then touring
Lighting Designer Director: Oliver Kaderbhai
Set designer: Kayleigh Temple
Jul 2013
Go To Your God Like A Soldier Theatre Big Belly, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe
Lighting Designer Director: Oliver Kaderbhai
Aug 2011

Clybourne Park

...that combined with Alex Lewer's narrative lighting added hugely to the atmosphere and poignancy of this production.
Keith Orton, Theatre News Online 28/03/2022
Alex Lewer’s lighting design is rich and tells us we’re going to encounter a high production value show.
Mary Beer, LondonTheatre1 27/03/2022
...even better and more penetrating than the show’s original ...a definitive version of Clybourne Park, a wiser and more inexhaustible piece than we had previously reckoned.
Paul Taylor, The Independent 26/03/2022
Alex Lewer’s lighting is understated throughout but gets a chance to shine in the brief, quiet passages which bookend the play. The first scene opens on a widening pathway of light that beautifully evokes the glow from an opening door. The show’s final moments, hushed and heartbreaking, are swallowed up in a thick early morning gloom.
Dave Fargnoli, The Stage 24/03/2022

Lipstick’s definitely slick, professional and engaging thanks to White, sound designer Charlie Smith and lighting designer Alex Lewer
Bj McNeill, The LGBTQ Arts Review 14/03/2020
the use of lighting to creatively enhance the space and transform it into different environments is highly effective and seamlessly done
Claudia Graham, Young Perspective 12/03/2020
staging is beautifully simple, with a strong lighting and sound design
Amy Toledano, Within Her Words 12/03/2020
The play makes glorious use of the smaller space at Southwark Playhouse. A nearly bare set on the face of it works perfectly as the teenage Tommy’s bedroom, while clever lighting transforms it into other locations in an instant.
Jim Compton-Hall, The Upcoming 12/03/2020
Alex Lewer’s lighting takes on the Playhouse’s ‘Little’ performance space as an advantage, not a limitation, creating an intelligent design that leaves no square inch wasted.
Sophie Adnitt, 11/03/2020
"... the temperament is raised by the very clever use of LED strip lights by Alex Lewer that form the fourth wall between the cast and audience but also act as a metaphor illuminating the life paths these characters have taken. "
Stephen Vowles, Boyz 10/03/2020
Ed White’s direction is fast-paced while Alex Lewer digitally clever lighting and Charlie Smith sound effects give the play a stunning cinematic effect.
Fiona Doyle, The Artiscape 10/03/2020
Charlie Smith’s tonal, emotionally sensitive sound successfully helps navigate the characters’ moods, from the depths of despair to moments of acceptance and joy, while Alex Lewer’s sensitive lighting bathes the duo in warmth.
Sally Hales, The Stage 10/03/2020
The staging by director Ed White is effectively simple; amidst static furniture, scene changes between a house party, oppressive nightclub and a model village in Cornwall are made clear by an artful lighting design from Alex Lewer. In one scene, the panic attack experience by Tommy is communicated viscerally to the audience via impeccable use of lighting and sound, designed by Charlie Smith.
Michael Boucher, Mickey Jo Theatre 10/03/2020

The Green Fairy

Alex Lewer's vibrant lighting design helping to create a whole new level of lighting through song that will leave you teary eyed in the most unexpected moments.
Creative Reviews UK 10/11/2019
[People will] "still be talking about Alex Lewer’s gorgeous lighting long after they’ve got home!"
Julian Eaves, 06/11/2019
Creatively, Katharine Heath’s pared-back set allows Alex Lewer’s intelligent and informative lighting to take the lead on moving us back and forth through time.
There Ought To Be Clowns 05/11/2019
Every mood has been reflected beautifully by the excellent, magical lighting of Alex Lewer.
London Theatre Reviews 05/11/2019
Opting for a simple set, designer Katharine Heath has created an ordinary pub in London but the hanging wine bottles add an extra twist and the vivid lighting by Alex Lewer create the ‘magical’ element. In fact, the lighting is some of the best seen at the Union Theatre, cleverly taking the audience on a journey between the past and the present. The use of dramatic lighting, bright colours and spotlights really works well to aid the storytelling.
Amanda Reynolds, LondonTheatre1 05/11/2019

Striking 12

"...beautifully, duskily lit by Alex Lewer"
Fergus Morgan, TimeOut 05/12/2018
"... much of that is down to Alex Lewer’s lighting design that uses flame colours of gold and orange to create warmth..."
Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub 03/12/2018

One Minute

Are we so culturally stuck that our pain can’t also cleanse us? Not quite, as Alex Lewer’s spectacular lighting at the end indicates.
Verity Healey, Exeunt Magazine 10/09/2015

From Where I'm Standing

From Where I’m Standing really showcases the potential of audio and visual innovation as it moves between past, present and future.
Dominic Hinde, Fest 10/08/2013
This is the first play to use handheld tablets to convey images - and it works. There seems little doubt that, by next year, everyone will be doing it.
Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide 09/08/2013
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