Photograph from Then LEAP! - lighting design by Dan Saggars
© Alex Brenner Ottilie Dundee | Photographer: Alex Brenner | From the show Then LEAP!
Photograph from Jack and the Beanstalk - lighting design by Dan Saggars
© Phil Scutt Fairy Light | Photographer: Phil Scutt | From the show Jack and the Beanstalk
Photograph from Then LEAP! - lighting design by Dan Saggars
© Alex Brenner Ottilie Dundee | Photographer: Alex Brenner | From the show Then LEAP!
Photograph from Only Forever - lighting design by Dan Saggars
© Dan Saggars Victoria and Charles | Photographer: Dan Saggars | From the show Only Forever
Photograph from Xerxes - lighting design by Dan Saggars
© Robert Workman Xerxes | Photographer: Robert Workman | From the show Xerxes

Dan Saggars

Dan is a London based Lighting Designer. He trained at Middlesex University.

Design credits include:  Vanity Fair at Middle Temple Hall, Jack at the Beanstalk at The Kenton Theatre, Henley, Laura Lindow’s Then Leap! at The Lowry, Manchester and rural touring, Only Forever at The Hope Theatre, Islington, Xerxes at Longborough Festival Opera, How to Win Against History by Seiriol Davies at Ovalhouse, If I Cover My Nose You Can’t See Me at Battersea Arts Centre, A Dance for the End of the World at The Place, Euston, Beast for UNTitled Theatre at Omnibus, Clapham, A World Elsewhere at Theatre 503.

A full portfolio and CV can be viewed at

Previous productions

Show name Type Venue/Company Role Creative Team Opened
Vanity Fair Theatre Middle Temple Hall, Temple
Lucy Harrison Shaw/Rust and Stardust Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Hal Chambers
Set designer: Lizzy Leech
Jan 2016
Jack and the Beanstalk Theatre The Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames
The Kenton Theatre
Lighting Designer Director: Ian McFarlane
Dec 2015
Then LEAP! Theatre The Lowry, Manchester, then touring
Laura Lindow
Lighting Designer Director: Paula Penman
Set designer: Katherina Radeva
Sep 2015
Only Forever Theatre The Hope Theatre, Islington
Tangled Thread
Lighting Designer Director: Poppy Rowley
Set designer: Ben Eggleton
Sep 2015
Xerxes Opera Longborough Festival Opera, then touring
Longborough Festival Opera's Young Artists
Lighting Designer Director: Jenny Miller
Set designer: Faye Bradley
Jul 2015
How to Win Against History Musical Ovalhouse Upstairs
Aine Flanagan Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Alex Swift
Set designer: Petra Hjortsberg
Apr 2015
A Dance for the End of the World Dance The Place, Euston
Resolution! 2015
Lighting Designer Choreographer: James Morgan
Set designer: Charley Fone
Feb 2015
The Trial of Galileo Theatre Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, then touring
Icarus Theatre Collective
Lighting Designer Director: Nic Young
Sep 2014

Vanity Fair

‘Further, Chambers, designer Dan Saggars and a collaborative effort from the cast, have devised incredibly creative and streamlined methods of delivering the story.’
Ed Nights, The Gizzle Review 11/01/2016

Then LEAP!

‘Lighting and haze are used to create an intimate and magical atmosphere’
Clare Annamalai, Everything Theatre 29/11/2015

Only Forever

...creating an intensely claustrophobic experience, made all the more uncomfortable thanks to the...harsh, flickering fluorescent strips (Dan Saggars) that flood the entire studio with light.
Ginger Hibiscus, Ginger Hibiscus 13/09/2015

The Trial of Galileo

Dan Saggars’ lighting too make the space feel smaller – the edges are shrouded in darkness and the bright yellow lights bear down upon Hardy, again, this evoking the sun.
Views from the Gods, Views from the Gods 10/02/2015
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