2017 Knight of Illumination Awards Evening

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Hammersmith Eventim Apollo

The "Knight of Illumination Awards", organised by STLDALD and The Fifth Estate provide public recognition for the outstanding achievements of experts in Lighting Design, Video and Graphic Display and Projection Design who are working for UK productions across a range of professional areas.

Whilst applauding the accomplishments of such men and women, the KOI Awards simultaneously forge a closer bond between the field of lighting design and the lighting industry as a whole.

The STLD and the ALD, which devote attention and care to the lighting industry and its designers, regard the lighting designer as a “Knight of Illumination”; a skilled and honourable defender of integrity and professionalism in the lighting world. These “Knights” protect such values with their lighting “sword” in hand - an analogy to the lighting instrument bestowed upon them by the industry.

The awards for the “Knight of Illumination” will be nominated and judged by a panel of judges, each one a professional in the specific categories, who will themselves be selected and coordinated entirely by STLD and ALD. These two British associations of lighting designers ensure that the annual Awards go to practitioners who display unfaltering professionalism and integrity in their work.

The awards have been co-ordinated since their inception by Lighting Designer Durham Marenghi and his wife Jennie.