Scene Change "Dialogue in Strange Times" - Lighting Designers

Thursday, 18 June 2020


SCENE/CHANGE began as “Dialogue in Strange Times”; an email conversation between theatre designers as a response to the situation we face.

It aims to be an open, ever evolving, growing community, supporting ways of coming together and connecting as we navigate ourselves out of these stormy waters. It's a place for all: designers (both established and emerging) associates, assistants. A place for freelance creatives within the industry to join us in dialogue and unity.

Join this informal conversation to share experiences and thoughts on the current situation and discuss how we can work together as we look forward to the future. Hosted by Lucy Carter (as a Professional Rep for ALD), Anna Fleische, Prema Mehta, Bruno Poet, Rory Beaton and Matt Clutterham.

Register via Scene Change website