GLP’S New X1 Provides impression Technology at Entry Level

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Following considerable pre-launch interest, GLP’s tiny, lightweight and budget-conscious impression X1 is now in production.The X1 marks a departure from other products in GLP’s X range, by featuring four high powered, 15W RGBW LED’s, with a narrow fixed beam output, that offers continuous pan and tilt motion in a compact housing — and it is this continuous motion that gives the product its unique twist.When in this mode, the pan and tilt can travel at rates of up to 75 rpm (at their maximum speed) yet can also maintain continuous movement at their lowest speeds (as little as 0.6 rpm) — all the while maintaining an even, smooth rotation.Weighing just 6.8lbs (3.1kg) and smaller than the X4 S these unobtrusive fixtures can be deployed discreetly in large quantities to achieve stunning effects.Using the same LED platform that is common to all X4 products it will work seamlessly with other fixtures and achieve identical color mixing and dimming performance.The fixed beam optics are interchangeable between different angles, starting with the standard 7°.…

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