GLP Helps Take Blake Shelton Back to his Okie Roots

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Steve Cohen designs over 200 X4 Series impressions into setPhoto Credit: Brian LevineFour years after masterminding the set design for Blake Shelton’s first major tour, creative director Steve Cohen has been brought in again to unite lighting and video into a fluid stage set redolent of the artist’s Oklahoma roots.And once again he has dipped heavily into the LED catalog of GLP to fulfill his requirements, sourcing over 200 of the German company’s X4 Series fixtures from his regular vendor, Beame (formerly Atomic Lighting).The set features 116 impression X4 along with 32 of the large X4L (37 x 15W RGBW LEDs), punctuated by 60 of the tiny single source X4 Atoms.Photo Credit: Brian LevineThe itinerary consists entirely of full size sports arenas, with a few country fairs built in.…

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