It’s always a treat to see LEE lighting gels used in...

It’s always a treat to see LEE lighting gels used in unique projects across the globe. Especially when they are used for educational purposes! Thank you Brendan Spina for sharing these images of the “Rave Cube” which he created with the help of various LEE Filters Color Gels

Light Phenomena- Rave Cube

The purpose of this project is to construct an object that explores children’s’ senses by forcing them to use their imaginations in order to interact with it. This directly related to the Reggio Emilia approach, an Italian early education philosophy, which we observed at a local school- Learning Brook. Simply put, this approach allows kids to learn from their own experience rather than learning the “right way” from their teachers/parents The Rave Cube is constructed of layers of circles and lighting gels to create an abstraction of shapes and colors through movement of the interior panel.  - Brendan Spina