Five Lighting Techniques For Dance Performance

Acclaimed lighting designer Susan Hamburger describes five different color-techniques she employs to enhance her designs for dance productions.

DanceEntertainment Lighting"Shelter" dance pieceAyano Hisa PhotographyBooster Bluecolor choicecolor choice for skin tonecolor choice to convey time periodcolor to create an environmentcolour choicecolour choice for skin tonecolour choice to convey time perioddance lighting designdance lighting designerdark swanEmerald GreenFig Tree PhotographyFull BlueFull CTBhow to convey an idea with lighting designhow to create a sepia tone on stagehow to use color to convey an ideahow to use color to create an environmenthow to use colour to convey a time periodhow to use colour to convey an ideaIris PurpleJawole Willa Jo Zollarjazzy color palettejazzy colour paletteLight RedLight Steel BlueLighting designlighting design for dancelighting design ideaslighting design inspirationlighting design techniquelighting design to convey an idealighting design to suggest a time periodlighting designerlighting designer Susan HamburgerMedium BlueMichael ZirkleParry Sky BlueR26R26 Light RedR305R305 Rose GoldR3202R3202 Full BlueR3202 Full CTBR321R321 Soft Golden AmberR377R377 Iris PurpleR393R393 Emerald GreenR54R54 Special LavenderR62R62 Booster BlueR64R64 Light Steel BlueR68R68 Parry Sky BlueR83R83 Medium BlueRoscolux #26 Light RedRoscolux #305 Rose GoldRoscolux #321 Soft Golden AmberRoscolux #377 Iris PurpleRoscolux #393 Emerald GreenRoscolux #62 Booster BlueRoscolux #64 Light Steel BlueRoscolux #83 Medium BlueRoscolux 3202 Full BlueRoscolux 54 Special LavenderRoscolux 68 Parry Sky BlueRose GoldScat!sepia tone color choicesepia tone colour choicesepia tone lighting designSpecial LavenderSupergel #305 Rose GoldSupergel #377 Iris PurpleSupergel #393 Emerald GreenSupergel #54 Special LavenderSupergel #62 Booster BlueSupergel #64 Light Steel BlueSupergel #68 Parry Sky BlueSupergel #83 Medium BlueSupergel 26 Light RedSusan HamburgerUBWUrban Bush Womenusing color to convey a time periodusing color to convey an ideausing colour to convey an ideausing colour to convey time periodWalking With PearlWalking With Pearl – The Southern DiariesWilliam Nadylam