Silk Technology – Remastered

Based on feedback we’ve received from the field, we’ve updated our Silk Family of LED soft lights with new control features – plus, we’ve added two new sizes - the Silk 205 and Silk 305!

Entertainment LightingRosco - The Companybi-color LED fixturebi-color LED lightbi-color LED soft lightbi-colour LED fixturebi-colour LED lightbi-colour LED soft lightCRI metricsfilm lighthigh CRIhigh CRI LEDshigh TLCIhigh TLCI LEDsLED fixture for broadcast lightingLED fixture for broadcast studioLED fixture for cinematographersLED fixture for Directors of PhotographyLED fixture for DP'sLED fixture for filmmakersLED fixture for gaffersLED fixture for low ceilingsLED fixture for new studiosLED fixture for one man band cinematographersLED fixture for set lightingLED fixture for small studioLED fixtures enabled with Lumen Radio Wireless DMXLED fixtures enabled with LumenRadio Wireless DMXLED fixtures with 16-bit controlLED fixtures with accurate color temperatureLED fixtures with accurate colour temperatureLED fixtures with beam controlLED fixtures with flicker-free dimmingLED fixtures with honeycomb egg cratesLED fixtures with Linear dimming curveLED fixtures with S-Curve dimming curveLED fixtures with Square Law dimming curveLED fixtures with Tungsten dimming curveLED fixtures with variable color temperatureLED fixtures with variable colour temperatureLED light for broadcast studioLED light for cinematographersLED light for Directors of PhotographyLED light for DP'sLED light for filmmakersLED light for gaffersLED light for low ceilingsLED light for new studiosLED light for one man band cinematographersLED light for set lightingLED light for small studioLED lights enabled with Lumen Radio Wireless DMXLED lights enabled with LumenRadio Wireless DMXLED lights with 16-bit controlLED lights with accurate color temperatureLED lights with accurate colour temperatureLED lights with flicker-free dimmingLED lights with honeycomb egg cratesLED lights with variable color temperatureLED lights with variable colour temperatureLumen RadioLumenRadioNew LED fixtureNew LED lightRosco SilkRosco Silk FamilyRosco Silk Family of LED soft lightsRosco Silk LEDRosco Silk lightset lightingset lighting toolsSilk 110Silk 110 LEDSilk 205Silk 205 LEDSilk 210Silk 210 LEDSilk 305Silk 305 LEDSilk Family of LED soft lightsSilk LEDSilk LED soft lightslim-profile LED soft lightTLCITLCI Metricsvideo lightingWireless DMX