CSJ-Awards-WLBlog-May2018Good technical infrastructure is key to the successful running of any event space. Unlike a lot of new buildings where infrastructure is installed prior to the building opening, Central Hall Westminster has had to constantly update the technology used within its spaces, having been built over a century ago.  Following our appointment as Production Service Partner, WL has overseen a complete AV installation in Central Hall Westminster, providing a technical infrastructure that allows clients to get the most out of the building’s historic spaces.

Following our AV installation, the various spaces now contain:



Great Hall

Hanging points with LTM LoadGuard Motors that are hidden within the domed roof and controlled from the auditorium. This means equipment does not need to be carried to the ceiling in order to be rigged from the roof. Pre-fabricated lighting bars that join to the main grid allowing clients to have the option of a dynamic lighting package along with a full complement of stage and room lighting. State of the art projectors which can be used as an effective branding method or for use with client logos. There is also a custom-made floating 20ft screen which can be viewed perfectly from any angle. A PA system specially designed for the space which has a variety of options depending on the room’s capacity.

Lecture Hall/Library

A four speaker PA system permanently installed in each room with amps, mixing desk and a handheld mic. A 10ft perspex screen (in the Lecture Hall) that suspends from the ceiling, combined with a 5K projector for any conferences or branding that may be needed.

George Thomas, Robert Perks, Donald English and William Sangster

A Crestron based user system which controls all of the technical elements and means that no technician is required throughout an event; thus saving costs for the client. A drop down screen and state-of-the-art projector for video along with a lectern with mic and permanently-installed amplifier.


The Aldersgate Room holds up to 250 people and its distinctive décor is made up of both modern and period features. WL installed 2x 80” screens located at the front of the room with 2x 55” located half way across the side; both allowing for maximum viewing. The room is Crestron video integrated and controlled via a HD Base-T. This room has four permanently installed speakers driven via a mixing desk located at the back of the room and linked in with a Rio 16 provides the room with much flexibility depending on the requirements of an event.


Jonjo Glynn WL’s Venue Services Director explains: “In recent years, clients have come to expect more from a venue so having state-of-the-art equipment installed in-house has gone from being a nice option to an absolute necessity. Establishing a solid infrastructure not only allows events within a venue’s spaces to achieve their potential but significantly reduces client costs as you are limiting the need to bring in additional services. Thankfully, Central Hall Westminster has this in place, meaning that any client who uses the venue can be completely confident that their event will achieve its potential”.