Symphony of the Seas Ice Show

Elation LED Lighting Systems for Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas

Largest cruise ship in the world continues energy saving ethos while expanding entertainment offerings

Royal Caribbean has again built the largest and most advanced cruise ship in the world, a state-of-the-art Oasis-class ship named Symphony of the Seas that features all new experiences while continuing to minimize the energy footprint with energy-efficient infrastructure like Elation Professional LED lighting systems. Symphony has spent her inaugural summer season sailing to destinations in the Mediterranean, and will head to Miami in early November to begin Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries.

Elation Professional is proud to have again supplied a large energy-efficient LED lighting package to Royal Caribbean. Symphony of the Seas is the fourth Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship to sail with Elation lighting, following sister ships Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Elation has also outfitted Quantum-class ships Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas with energy-efficient LED lighting, helping Royal Caribbean set new standards in terms of energy-efficient onboard entertainment lighting systems. Royal Caribbean's first Quantum Ultra-Class ship, Spectrum of the Seas, is set to launch in 2019.

Symphony of the Seas

Built at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, Symphony of the Seas can host around 6,600 passengers plus 2,200 crew. The ship first sailed in April of this year and is packed with all of the perks you would expect of a big mega-cruiser along with new thrills to enhance the guest experience like laser tag and the tallest slide at sea. Like other Oasis-class ships, Symphony of the Seas features the easily navigable neighborhood concept and other popular fleetwide amenities.

Efficient LED lighting

Chantiers de l'Atlantique and Royal Caribbean aimed to improve the ship’s energy efficiency performance and reduce its environmental impact and the large number of Elation LED lighting products fit that energy saving ethos perfectly with significant savings in power and dollars. Chantiers de l'Atlantique worked with Benjamin Couling, Project Manager - New Build SLVR at Royal Caribbean International, who specified the equipment for all entertainment lighting onboard and commissioned the lighting systems ship wide. He also project-managed the install in the Royal Theater and Studio B.

With Symphony, as with Harmony, the savings is marked. “The directive of no incandescent lamps onboard and no lamp changes means we realize millions of dollars in savings over the lifetime of Royal Caribbean ships,” says Christopher Vlassopulos, Manager Sound & Light for Royal Caribbean International, who coordinated the design and specification for all the entertainment equipment in Symphony of the Seas’ public spaces, including the ship’s entertainment lighting systems. “By switching from incandescent to LED we benefit from less maintenance and less power used, and with less heat generated there is a lower burden on the air conditioning system which translates into power and fuel savings. The dollar savings over the lifetime of a ship is quite significant.” The savings extends to other areas as well - less cabling, fewer connections, and no dimmers.

Mirrors Harmony with exceptions

From an entertainment lighting perspective, many of the Elation LED lighting systems in the ship’s entertainment and relaxation areas mirror those found on sister-ship Harmony of the Seas albeit with updated fixture choices. “Nearly every aspect is the same as that found on Harmony,” states Vlassopulos. “One key exception is in Studio B, where the conventional fixtures were all taken out and replaced with all DMX-controllable automated lighting, which is a significant difference.”

Studio B

One of many Royal Caribbean innovations, Studio B is a favorite among guests. It is a theatre-in-the-round ice rink where world class figure skaters perform a high-tech ice-skating show called “1977” that brings guests to London where the crown jewels are stolen in the heist of the century. The time-travel adventure pairs state-of-the-art projection and lighting technology with highly skilled entertainers to bring the performance to life.

Keeping up with the high-paced ice skating show and adding an enhancing visual dimension to the show is a dynamic lighting rig made up of nearly all Elation LED luminaires:  Platinum Seven™ LED moving heads, Artiste DaVinci™ CMY and graphics luminaires, Proton 3K LED™ strobes and Colour Chorus 72™ LED battens. “The Elation lighting in Studio B is the best constellation for performance, energy saving and maintenance,” Vlassopulos adds.


In the evening, most guests head to the two-deck Royal Theater, where a production of the Tony award-winning Broadway hit “Hairspray” is featured, as well as an original production titled "Flight: Dare to Dream." Both shows thrill audiences using a bevy of Elation lights including Artiste DaVinci™ and Platinum Seven™ moving heads, Colour Chorus 72™ LED battens, Fuze Wash Z350™ LED moving head wash lights , ZCL 360i™ beam effects, Platinum Beam 5R Extreme™ and Proton 3K LED™ strobes. Meanwhile, adding color and effect to two shows at the AquaTheater, an impressive open-air stage and high-diving acrobatic performance space at the back of the ship, are SixPar 300 IP color changers and Proton 3K LED strobe lights. 

And much more

Other entertainment technology upgrades onboard Symphony include new fixtures on the pool deck where Elation ELAR 108 Par lights – staples on previous Royal Caribbean ships – have been replaced with Elation’s SixPar 200 IP™, a weatherproof LED Par light that gives a bigger and better overall color wash, according to Vlassopulos. The SixPars house a high-power 6-color LED multi-chip and are used to light up the band stand and pool deck in vibrant color. In fact, the versatile color wash lights are employed across Symphony from the Royal Promenade and AquaTheater, to the pool deck and FlowRider surf area, as well as in club and lounge areas.

When strolling down the Royal Promenade, a popular meeting area running the length of the ship where guests come to shop, dine and be entertained, Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro 3™ LED moving heads, Fuze Wash Z350™ and SixPar 100s are used as atmospheric and show enhancement throughout the day and night, including for a popular parade spectacle complete with performers and floats called "Anchors Aweigh."

Symphony of the Seas keeps guests entertained well into the evening and when the hour gets late a host of venues keep the good vibes going late into the night. Elation LED lighting is used to add color and excitement to a host of onboard clubs, bars and lounges including Royal Caribbean's signature Latin club Boleros, Dazzles nightclub, The Attic comedy club, On Air Club, and Jazz on 4, as well as teen areas.

Studio B

60 x Platinum Seven
43 x Artiste DaVinci
10 x Proton 3K LED
5 x Colour Chorus 72

Royal Theater   

34 x Platinum Seven
40 x Artiste DaVinci
9 x Colour Chorus 72
10 x Proton 3K LED
17 x Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
6 x Fuze Wash Z350
10 x ZCL 360i
7 x ADJ Flat Par TW12

Royal Promenade

22 x Platinum Spot LED Pro 3
28 x Fuze 350Z
24 x SixPar 100

Pool Deck

6 x SixPar 200 IP
52 x SixPar 300 IP


2 x Proton 3K LED
12 x SixPar 300IP


40 x SixPar 200IP™


16 x SixPar 100™
6 x Flex RGB WP™
8 x ADJ  Inno Scan


6 x Platinum Spot LED Pro 3™
7 x Fuze 350Z™
18 x SixPar 100™ w/ barndoor
2 x Arena Par Zoom™

Jazz on 4             

12 x SixPar 100™
3 x Colour Chorus 24™
4 x ADJ Inno Scan

The Attic

16 x SixPar 100
10 x ADJ Inno Scan


12 x SixPar 200IP™

On-Air Club       

8 x SixPar 100 with barndoor
8 x ADJ  Focus Spot Three

Teen areas

5 x SixPar 200 IP

Crew Bar Disco

4 x ADJ Inno Scan

Adventure Ocean           

2 x ADJ Focus Spot Three