LDI 2018 all about originality for Elation Professional

LDI 2018 will be all about originality for Elation Professional with a string of innovative premiere product launches set for display at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Showing October 19-21 at LDI Booth 931 for the first time anywhere in North America will be two all-new visual effects that feature TwinkLED™, a novel, patent-pending LED twinkle effect that uses dedicated high-brightness pixels inside large front lenses to provide additional layers of creativity for the lighting designer. Both the RAYZOR 760™ and IP65-rated Proteus RAYZOR 760™ incorporate the unique TwinkLED™ system.

RAYZOR 760™: This compact yet extremely powerful LED wash effects luminaire with 5 to 77-degree zoom projects intense, well-defined mid-air beams, as well as an exceptionally wide and even wash coverage. Driven by seven, independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the RAYZOR 760 provides a powerful beam (over 8000 lumens) that stands out on any stage. The oversized front lenses create a large surface that is enhanced by TwinkLED™ technology. TwinkLED™ consists of 28 individual white LEDs strategically placed inside the lens itself to create a unique additional layer of effect, allowing designers access to a fresh and innovative way of creating interest on stage. Continuous, speed-adjustable pan & tilt rotation adds another layer of dynamic effect from this versatile fixture.

Proteus RAYZOR 760™:  The RAYZOR 760 is available in a compact and lightweight weather and dust protected IP65 version, the Proteus RAYZOR 760™, for use in any environment. The Proteus RAYZOR 760’s multi-environmental design makes it the world's first IP65-rated luminaire with continuous pan & tilt rotation. It offers the identical feature set as the RAYZOR 760, including the TwinkLED™ system.

Elation will be showcasing a range of other lighting tools with impact, continuing the company’s efforts to bring innovation and best-in-class ROI products to the market.

Proteus Smarty Hybrid™:  Elation will be showcasing the CMY color-mixing Smarty Hybrid™ at LDI and is pleased to introduce its IP65-rated version, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid™. This is the world’s first compact CMY hybrid fixture with true IP65 rating. Encompassing the same full feature set and using the same highly-efficient Philips MSD Platinum FLEX 200 lamp with exceptional 6000-hour lamp life, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid’s IP65 dust and water protection means this compact and versatile effect can be used indoors or out. Features include fast movement, motorized zoom, full CMY color mixing, 13 dichroic colors, two gobo wheels, prism overlay and frost filter.


Artiste Van Gogh™:  This powerful framing wash LED luminaire with outstanding light quality is the ideal partner to the profile luminaires in Elation’s growing Artiste range. Providing up to 16,000 total lumens from an efficient 380W high CRI LED engine, the Artiste Van Gogh excels at color rendering for precise color reproduction. CMY and CTO color mixing and a 7-position color wheel provide flexible color options and an internal 4-blade barndoor system allows for beam shaping and light control at any angle. With a wide zoom range and choice of PC or optional Fresnel lens, the Van Gogh is capable of concentrated beams to wide washes for use in a variety of applications that require high output and precise beam control.

Smarty Hybrid™:  Smarty Hybrid is a full-featured Spot, Beam and Wash fixture and the most compact CMY color mixing hybrid Elation has released to date. At the heart of the fixture is a new Platinum lamp using “FLEX" technology which offers a "smartly” designed discharge lamp/ballast package (6,000 hour lamp life) for high output (14,000 lumens) performance at an efficient and affordable price point. The lamp is dimmable and power to the lamp is reduced when not in use. Features include motorized zoom, full CMY color mixing, linear CTO, 13 dichroic colors, two gobo wheels, prism overlay and more. Elation has introduced an Ultimate Warranty program on Smarty Hybrid that covers the first two years of operation or 6,000 hours of use, whichever comes first, and includes the efficient Platinum FLEX 200 lamp!

Artiste Picasso™:  The Artiste Picasso is an inspirational theatrical-grade luminaire that marries creative expression with the latest in high-tech innovation. One of the brightest and most feature-rich profile LED fixtures on the market today, a new 620W Cool White LED engine combines with an advanced optical system to produce a powerful, crisp output of over 23,000 total lumens. Exceptionally quiet for use in noise-sensitive applications, Elation has packed a full list of features including zoom, framing, CMY, CTO, gobo wheels, animation, prisms and more, in a discreetly compact design, making the Artiste Picasso ideal for stage environments of all types.


Cuepix 16 IP™:  The Cuepix 16 IP is a powerful, 4x4 LED blinder and effect panel with all-weather IP65 protection. Designers can add high-impact color or white light, eye candy or pixel-mapped effects to productions of all types without the worry of weather and cost and inconvenience of protective coverings.

Elation now offers two new series of LED color changers that use the latest 7-color multi-chip LED technology, SEVEN Batten™ linear lighting effects and outdoor-rated SEVEN PAR IP™ color changers. Both luminaires give lighting designers access to an even wider spectrum of color options to paint stages, sets, scrims and scenery in high-impact colored or high-quality white light.

The Elation team looks forward to great LDI show and invites lighting pros to Booth 931 to be some of the first anywhere to see these new innovations. If you haven’t yet registered for LDI 2018, make sure you do so. Get your free badge pass using Elation promo code E66 at  https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=350&oi=FOyhbNTNK2jHoIiGjo9vog%3D%3D&company_code=E60