Mercedes-Platz Opening with Proteus

Mercedes-Platz in Berlin Opens with Proteus™ Light Show

On October 13, 2018, Mercedes-Platz in Berlin, a new mixed-use area that complements Mercedes-Benz Arena, was ceremoniously opened with a multi-media show that incorporated lighting effects from Elation’s popular IP65-rated Proteus Hybrid™ luminaires. With its mixture of deluxe cinema, restaurants, hotels, a concert hall and other entertainment offerings, the square is being celebrated as one of the city’s newest hotspots.

General service provider TSE AG was commissioned with implementation of the show with company specialist lighting planner Klaus Graewert relying on more than 30 weatherproof Proteus Hybrid fixtures to generate dynamic lighting effects. Between noon and 6 pm, the audience was able to enjoy an extensive stage program with various live bands, but the highlight of the evening came shortly before 8 pm with a multimedia show of lighting, video and sound elements, along with water effects and a pyrotechnic finale.

With twelve Proteus lights positioned on the roof of the Mercedes-Benz Arena and another 20 units distributed across the square, powerful beams of light added to the impressive setting and attracted a lot of attention. "The Proteus Hybrid is great! I've used it many times now,” said LD Chris Moylan. "It's the first truly powerful IP65 beam on the market. The units make it easy for me to realize sensational beam shows in places where I would otherwise spend a lot of effort and would have to install less attractive and above all expensive weather protection devices.”

TSE rented the Proteus fixtures from Motion GmbH in Fürth, who stock a large number of Proteus Hybrids. Sandra Boner and Adrian Carlin handled overall project management for TSE. In addition to Klaus Graewert as lighting designer, Rico Stegemann was involved as a specialist planner for video.