WL Roundup – PLASA 2019

A few of our team attended this year’s PLASA Show at Olympia London. Over the course of three days, it was fantastic to catch up with old friends, make new contacts and see a range of brilliant products launched. For those who couldn’t attend, our Key Account Manager Leo Humphrey has put together a list of products which were on display and which he feels will be making a big impact over the upcoming months.






The Cryo-Gate is a compact device that mates up to any professional fogger, enabling users to temporarily transform their existing fogger into a low fog generator. The Cryo-Gate sits in front of the fogger’s nozzle which allows the user to add a variable amount of CO2 and air to the fog‘s output. From what I saw at PLASA, the result is a cold fog that stays low.






A tube can also be connected to the front of the Cryo-Gate

to guide the fog into the requested direction. With the length of this tube

extending up to ten meters long, it allows users to place the machine away from

the stage to avoid disturbing noise.






A new product which was unveiled at PLASA , the EMX-101X

incorporates a brand new low frequency driver, designed in large part by EM

Acoustics’ director of R&D, Ed Kinsella. Ed didn’t want to build anything

around any of the 10-inch drivers previously available. He felt that existing

units would not deliver the outstanding results that EM were pursuing – hence

he designed one himself.






The EMS 101X expands on the already successful EMS Range,

offering customers the perfect middle ground in output and size between the

popular EMS-81X and it’s bigger brother the EMS-121X. For customers looking for

large speaker output in a small speaker frame, the EMS-101X offers just this. Similarly,

its newly developed 3-step polyurethane paint finish is exceptionally tough,

inherently weather-resistant, and offers a sleeker, more modern look.






SolaWash 1000 is an essential wash light fixture for

lighting designers who are looking for a simple and elegant lighting solution.

The 20,000 lumen output is complimented by a full-curtain four-blade framing

system and dual linear diffusion systems, giving designers the ability to do

beautiful blended colour washes and punchy, even key lighting without losing

control of the edges of their light.






Whether using the redesigned CMY and CTO colour mixing

system, made popular by SolaFrame 1000, or the standard replaceable colour

system, the SolaWash 1000 looks to provide a key toolset to give maximum







Integrated into EOS 3.0, with plans to implement into other

ETC consoles, Augment3d looks to more than another Visualization tool. It is in

fact a 3D Programming engine that enables both designers and programmers to

virtually access the physical space, the lights within it and to, without

having to learn a complex new system, begin to build 3D environments and simply

begin programming the show.






Highlights include a huge range of importable 3D Models from

existing visualizers, design tools and Rig planning software alongside a mobile

app which allows for a bridge between the physical and virtual world via the

“focus wand” feature.






With its wide range of innovative features, there is no

wonder Augment3d was awarded with a PLASA innovation award at this year’s show.






The VL800 EVENTPAR is an LED retro-style event PAR perfect

for a modern replacement of classic tungsten PAR fixtures. Designed to bring

back the vintage stylings of the original lamps and PAR cans but built with the

DNA of Vari-Lite, the VL800 EVENTPAR will be available in both RGBA and warm

white (WW) varieties, with output and colour reminiscent of tungsten PAR 64







The Move to LED has typically seen manufacturers create completely new look fixtures to a standard PAR. However, the VL800 EVENTPAR is a contemporary throwback to traditional Fixtures and will be a welcome addition to Lighting rigs for theatre, concert Touring, Dance and Television.






If you want to know more about the above products, or would like to speak to a member of the Customer Service team, then please email them or call on +44(0)20 8254 4820.