Lee Dennison – Five Years at WL…

Our Head of Business Development Lee Dennison recently

celebrated five years at WL. As such, we thought we’d sit down with him to

discuss his time here, his current role and how the company has evolved since

he started.






When Lee first joined WL back in 2014, it wasn’t in response

to a specific job advertisement. Rather, the move was a natural progression. He

explains: “I’ve always had a very close affinity to WL. When I worked with my

previous companies, I knew of their reputation and had often come in contact

with its team, particularly Bryan Raven and Richard Wilson. My joining them

came after a chance conversation with Bryan who told me that they were keen to

expand their audio offering and provide a credible, competitive service for the

clients. It sounded like a great opportunity and one I was delighted to take”.






When Lee joined WL, the company was keen to begin offering

audio services in-house as opposed to outsourcing through others. He comments:

“What was so exciting about the role was that it presented an opportunity for

me to oversee a fresh audio offering, in which I was able to create a

structure, assemble a team and work closely with manufacturers to ensure we

were making the right level of investment. What really drew me to the role

though was WL’s ethos. It is a company with morals and ethics and wanted to

offer customers the correct level of support that would be suited for them –

something I’ve always been an advocate of”.






For the next two years, Lee oversaw WL’s audio department, which quickly grew a strong reputation of supplying bespoke audio solutions; particularly in the corporate event, production and installations market. Yet, for Lee, the growth of team remains one of his proudest achievement: “One of the joys of my role is seeing those who work for the company develop their skills and knowledge. These are people like Leo Humphrey, who joined the company in a junior role and is now a Key Account Manager, as well as Kieran Edmonds who’s now a Project Support Engineer in the Installations team. It’s been fantastic to see them progress and grow as individuals, as well as valuable members of the WL team”.






With the audio department quickly establishing a formidable reputation, Lee’s next role at WL was to oversee the entire Business Development team. He comments: “Similar to when I initially joined WL, my role as Head of Business Development was another natural step. I’ve always enjoyed what I call ‘front-facing’ work in which I listen to what clients want and work closely with them in order to build long-term relationships. I’m often the first point of contact for a lot of them and relish providing the service they expect from WL. Ultimately, people invest in people and, as a company, WL’s greatest strength has always been its staff and this is a mantra we want to hold onto”.






Having worked on a range of exciting projects, we asked Lee which was his most memorable during his time at WL. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t just one. He recalls: “I’m particularly proud of our work on the Active Team Training EPIC project; which was an experimental and immersive training programme designed for those working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel. It was pioneering at the time and nobody really knew what it was ‘all about’ but it has since proven itself to be an incredible form of health and safety training. It was also fantastic working with Discovery Eurosport on last year’s Winter Olympic Games coverage and showcasing our SmartStage technology; which is now creating a huge buzz in the education, corporate and events sectors”.






Whilst Lee is happy to reflect on his time at WL so far, he’s mainly excited about the future and the next steps for the company. He concludes: “A large part of my role now at WL is looking forward and asking where we are going and what type of work we want to take on. As a company, we’re always changing, constantly evolving and that’s really exciting to be a part of. We continue to invest in the latest technology, strengthening our expert teams and ensuring we continue offering our clients the highest level of service possible. Here’s to the next five years!”.