Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.

White Light Helps Bring Frankenstein to Life

White Light has supplied the

lighting equipment for Frankenstein which is currently touring the UK. 






Produced by Selladoor Productions, Frankenstein is based on the classic novel by Mary Shelley, telling the story of a young scientist who manages to breathe life into a gruesome body. This new production is adapted by Rona Munro and features a lighting design by Grant Anderson. Grant comments: “I had several aims with my design on Frankenstein. On the one hand, I had to create something that was dynamic, fast-moving and helped create a sense of multiple locations. We wanted to be able to create moments of real darkness and horror in Frankenstein’s lab but also capture beautiful vistas of the misty, cloud covered Alps. From a practical standpoint, we knew we had to make something that could tour in one truck, load in first thing at a brand-new venue and be able to perform that evening”.






As this was a brand-new production, this meant that it was constantly evolving throughout the rehearsal process. Grant explains: “As this version of Frankenstein had never been on its feet before, I was in development constantly with the rest of the creative team throughout the R&D process. That was another reason why the rig had to be dynamic. I didn’t want to hinder the process of creativity in the room by constraining us to set looks. We were very fortunate as creatives to have a playground in which to work and let the play evolve into what it eventually became”. 







the development process, Grant approached WL to supply him with the fixtures

that would fulfil each of his specific requirements. He comments: “I wanted to

be able to create the feel of ice and the deep Artic so relied heavily on the

arc sources of the Martin MAC Vipers and white chipped Martin Aura LEDs.

 I specified these units as they are naturally within the ballpark of the

colour temperatures I planned on using and, with the set being whites and

greys, it gave me a very clean place from which to start.  ETC Source 4

Lustrs are the workhorse front out house alongside an additional two auras in

the box booms. The design is particularly effective in its use of practicals as

they help bring the space alive and allow me to delineate really clearly for

the audience where we are in the play.”






Grant continues: “In terms of touring, having an all moving light rig overhead means there is no focus time required from ladders for the team from venue to venue. Whilst you still have to update the presets, this can be done from the comfort and safety of the production desk, which in turn allows other departments valuable stage time. Similarly, having an all LED front of house allows for a more dynamic palette from fewer sources within the time constrains of the tour”.






Frankenstein opened last February and will conclude its year-long tour in Aylesbury next month.






Grant concludes: “I’d just like to say thanks to all of my lighting team and the team at Perth Theatre who helped with the practicals. Massive thanks also to WL for their help supplying me with the fixtures I need”.