White Light’s Audio Services are Making a Lot of Noise

For the past 48 years, WL has forged an unparalleled reputation as a technical solution specialist. Whilst we started in lighting, we now offer several technical services, including video, rigging, staging and audio. Following the launch of our audio services over four years ago, this is an area in which we’ve grown considerably, investing in the very latest equipment, partnering with leading manufacturers and appointing expert staff. One of these is Harry Saxton McCann who is WL’s Senior Audio Technical Project Manager and whose role is to ensure that we offer clients the highest calibre of audio delivery and provide solutions bespoke to their needs. We sat down with Harry to discuss his role further alongside the various audio services that the company is able to offer its clients.






Harry has been in his current role at WL for just over a year now, having previously worked for the company as a freelancer. Since graduating university, he has worked in a range of audio roles from touring rock and roll to high-end corporate events and pretty much everything else in-between. He explains: “I actually got my first job whilst at university at Delta Sound which led me to work on the London Olympics. This would see me then work for all of the Games across the world for the next few years, including the Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, European Games and Commonwealth Games. It was at Delta Sound where I first met WL’s Head of Business Development Lee Dennison. As WL continued to expand its audio offering, I found myself working on a wide range of the company’s projects; to the point where I was working for them most of the time! This led to a conversation with Lee who suggested I join on a permanent basis. Upon hearing the company’s ambitions for its audio department and what it wanted to offer clients, I realised it was a really exciting time to become part of the team”. 






Reinforcing its commitment to constantly strengthening its

audio offering, WL has significantly invested in the very latest audio

equipment. Last year the company invested in a range of d&b products, including

V series, Y Series & E Series to

complement its already impressive loudspeaker inventory.The

company has also heavily invested in infrastructure. Harry explains: “Before

making any investments, we listen to the needs of our clients and engineers, then

act accordingly. For many high-end clients, d&b loudspeakers were part of

their rider and simply what they expected. Similarly, we made a big push for

Yamaha switches, with this investment being led by the fact that audio is now

mainly network-based. Engineers are most happy and comfortable when using equipment

built for them and not fifty storey office blocks thus having an out-of-the-box

fibre ready system just makes everything so much easier; which is why we added

it to our inventory”.






Alongside this, WL has also made a huge investment in an

area that is often overlooked: flightcases. Harry explains: “Following a

lengthy R & D process, we’ve created a flightcase design that is paving the

way for the rest of the audio industry. We’ve aimed to make sure they’re not

just units to push equipment around but actually play an integral role

themselves. Our flightcases are tidy, easy-to-use and ensure that everything is

tightly compacted into one place. The immediate feedback we’ve received from

our engineers has been extremely encouraging and we look forward to seeing how

the industry as a whole benefits from these as they are put to wider use this







This strengthening of the company’s audio inventory, coupled

with its experienced and innovative staff, means that WL’s audio services are

constantly in demand. Harry comments: “Essentially, as a company, we are able

to offer clients a compact audio solution. We are forging a reputation of

providing a time-efficient, well-structured solution; especially for one to two

day events. Clients know they can rely on us to turn up and get on with the

job; providing the production support and equipment they require”.