White Light helps How to Academy to shine for inspirational events series at Central Hall Westminster

The How to Academy is renowned for bringing some of the world’s most influential thought leaders and inspirational figures to a public stage, in a diverse programme of live events. London’s largest conference venue, Central Hall Westminster recently hosted two such events, as part of the ‘How to Understand Our Times’ series, in collaboration with the New York Times. As Central Hall’s in-house technical production partner, White Light (WL) provided the lighting and audio solutions for these important events.






On 3rd February, artist and

activist Ai Weiwei joined Human Rights

Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth and journalist Helene Cooper to explore how human creativity can address global crises.

Then on 10th February, Nobel laureate, bestselling economist and

columnist Paul Krugman appeared in conversation with Matthew d’Ancona.






These high-profile names added to

an impressive line-up of How to Academy debates, talks, conferences and

intimate performances, previously held at Central Hall. Special guests

including revered musicians Patti Smith and Pete Townshend and New York Times

bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert, have taken to the Great Hall stage for

these events.






Alex Wright, WL’s Venue Sales Manager comments: “While the formats often differ somewhat, it

is imperative that the lighting effects and audio distribution throughout the

Great Hall are of a superior quality for each and every event. We work closely

with the How to Academy and the Central Hall team to complement the onstage

configuration and enhance the environment for the guests in attendance.”






Sam Algranti, Chief Operations Officer at the How to Academy adds: “Our audiences travel from far and wide to attend our events and it’s hugely important that we select venues which befit the very high-profile nature of our special guests. The grandeur of Central Hall and its flexibility as a venue, combined with WL’s technical expertise in all event formats, really help us to deliver unforgettable, one-off experiences. We look forward to working with the teams on more events this year and beyond.”