Technical Solutions for Remote Working by White Light


Following the latest government announcements this week, the majority of the UK now finds themselves working from home. As such, many people are drawing on video conferencing for the first time; an exercise which can be challenging enough, without the added anxiety and pressure of the current situation we’re all facing. 






As a company, we are aware that one of the biggest frustrations with video conferencing is spending so much time setting up the technology and then having to ensure it actually works. We are also aware that to have a truly productive experience, the audio and video quality needs to be as flawless as possible. With that in mind, we have put together some select products which our Systems Design team frequently draws on to provide seamless, intuitive and reliable VC solutions for our corporate clients – offering the very best audio and video quality with a plug-and-play approach which removes any complex setup of equipment or software. Users can just enter their video conferencing code and get on with the meeting; saving on valuable time and removing any unnecessary stress. 






If you would like to learn more about how these systems can be integrated within your own organisation, then please reach out to our expert team who will be able to advise on all aspects of setting up streaming solutions, remote teaching or presentation platforms and high-quality remote working solutions. We can offer to setup the systems before deployment and even remotely manage or assist them to help businesses cope with this rapid change to remote working. 






Crestron’s Flex series is the first truly unified communications and collaboration platform for remote working. It offers users a ‘one-touch to join’ experience, which makes it easier than ever for users to instantly join video calls and immediately become involved in any on-going discussions. A simple and affordable solution, it can be used with leading collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom and makes the often complex and disjointed world of video conferencing incredibly simple. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION & KEY FEATURES






Similarly, Crestron Mercury enables people to work together, regardless of location or web collaboration application. Whilst other programmes lock you into a single platform, Crestron Mercury allows you to use your own laptop as your video and audio codec and rely on exceptional full-duplex wideband audio conferencing, speakerphone, video conferencing, BYOD multimedia presentation, content sharing and web collaboration capabilities. You get all the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools in one easy-to-use console. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION & KEY FEATURES






If you are interested in learning more about these you can contact our team today to discuss a solution that helps you on +44(0)20 8254 4800 or email: