White Light Helps Deliver Early Kick Off for BT Sport

On Saturday 28th March, Jake Humphrey presented BT Sport’s Early Kick Off show from his home in Norfolk. With nationwide restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the show was broadcast by a fully remote production team using 4G technology. White Light was part of the minimal crew who worked in isolation onsite and followed a strictly structured rig schedule which allowed for timed kit deliveries and installation of the various technical elements. 






Working closely alongside WL was the show’s Lighting Director Chris Hollier, who comments: “The producers (Sunset + Vine) approached us with a brief that the Early Kick Off broadcast was going ahead as normal and would feature interviews with regular pundits such as Peter Crouch and Rio Ferdinand, contributing remotely from their own homes. They wanted the main studio location to be a temporary install in a small cottage at Jake’s Norfolk home, with rigging and operational crew reduced to a bare minimum. In order to maintain the advised social distancing measures, the lighting equipment was transported and installed by one WL Gaffer, with Jake being the only person present in the studio.” 






Chris specified Velvet Power 2s – 2×1 LED Panels, Velvet Mini 2s – 2ft Panoramic panels, an ETC ColorSource 20AV Lighting Console and the associated accessories. He explains: “I had to change the initial design when it became apparent that stricter government guidelines could come into play and crew may not be allowed onsite going forward. We therefore ensured the set up would be extremely easy to use and that Jake could control the lights himself using a simple lighting desk”. 






Early Kick Off is an example of BT Sport’s commitment to continue producing innovative, engaging content for its viewers during these unprecedented times. It is also an example of how WL has been able to adapt and support broadcasters; helping to facilitate high-profile productions in accordance with the latest health and safety guidelines. Having delivered all of BT Sport’s Premier League outside broadcast lighting packages this season, WL’s long standing relationship with the broadcaster meant it could react quickly and was the obvious choice to work on this unique broadcast. 











The show will be broadcast again this coming Saturday. Only the Technical Director will be needed on site with BT and Sunset + Vines’s entire production crew, including the Director, Producers, PA, Vision mixer, EVS, Sound and Graphics operators all working remotely from their respective homes. 






Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer comments: “We at BT Sport are really proud of how our wider family have come together to enable us to deliver live topical programming but in a manner that respects the government’s guidelines with regards to isolation and social distancing. WL has been a fantastic partner in enabling us to realise our aspirations for our audiences.”






WL’s Broadcast Senior Account Manager Ian Charlampowicz concludes: “What was great about Early Kick Off was the fact that we were able to work with a long-term client, fulfil an existing contract, yet do so with minimal travel, minimal crew and completely adhere to all of the new health and safety measures. As we move forward over the next few weeks, we are expecting to see more and more broadcasters and production companies adopt this way of working as they try to push out content in an ever-changing world. Thankfully, as a company, we have both the resources and expertise to help deliver this”. 






The weekly broadcast of Early Kick Off is shown on Saturdays on BT Sport at midday.






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