Kindness Spotlight: Phil Gladman

In just a few short weeks of adjusting to life during COVID-19, we have all learned a great deal about resilience, collaboration and our ability to adapt in challenging times. This time is slowly becoming a testament of the strength of our core values (mainly adaptability, friendliness and dependability). For this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, we thought we’d share how some of the WL team have been keeping busy during this time. Many are contributing to their community by joining local volunteering groups and supporting the NHS scheme providing chat and phone support, as well as carrying out other tasks and errands.






Wise words from Phil Gladman, WL Project Manager for Venues






As another one our core values is friendliness, we are strong believers that positive messages are what we all need right now, so we wanted to share a particularly heartwarming volunteering story from Phil Gladman, WL Project Manager for Venues. By joining his local village and the Hertfordshire Council volunteer groups, Phil has started running errands for some of his vulnerable  neighbours. “I’ve recently returned from my first volunteering shift for Buntingford County Council where I helped out one of my neighbours in getting prescriptions for her and her family along with a small bit of shopping. I didn’t mind queuing outside the chemist or outside Sainsbury’s for the loaf of bread they wanted. I felt very thankful that I am not having to self isolate and I am therefore able to help out my neighbour (or indeed anyone who needs it) where I can. They were very grateful and it costs nothing to help out.”






Phil’s experience has been so positive that he’s decided that he wants to keep volunteering beyond the pandemic, he says: “It has also made me realise that after all this horrible pandemic is over, I’m going to continue to look after not only my family but others who need it. Remember, we only have one life so make sure you spend it wisely. The weather was chilly (back in March), but this simple act of kindness has made me all warm inside.”






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