Blog Post: Saving the Creative Industries

Over the past few weeks, organisations, venues, and individuals have collectively called on the government to provide the necessary support which will ensure the UK’s Creative Industries survive these unprecedented times. Over the past week, we have finally started to see an increase in the amount of coverage featured in the mainstream media, whether it’s articles featured in The Stage or in-depth discussions on last Thursday’s Question Time. As this is an issue that is very close to our hearts, we thought we’d share with you what we’ve done so far as an organisation and how you can also become a part of these initiatives.  

On April 23rd,

WL joined the Creative Industries Federation in their #OurWorldWithout online

campaign, which highlighted what the UK would look like if the shared

experiences of art, theatre, music and other sectors no longer existed. You can

find out more about the campaign here.

On April 27th, we signed an open letter calling the government to implement urgent funding for the creative and cultural organisations impacted by the fall-out of COVID-19. This was then sent onto Oliver Dowden, the Chancellor and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports. View Letter Here.

On the 15th May, our Managing Director Bryan Raven wrote his own open letter asking for support for the supply chain to the Live Events industry. This proved to be extremely popular and was picked-up by several industry magazines and shared across social media. We also asked our colleagues, family and friends to spread the word and send it to their local MPs and we were delighted to see that it reached as far as Deputy Mayor Justine Simons. She subsequently wrote a letter to Mr Dowden to discuss what would need to happen for the successful recovery of our cultural sector, the creative industries and night-time economy. One of her letter’s highlights the importance of the freelance community and the suppliers to the industry. Read full letter here.

In addition to the above, we are supporting another

initiative called #EventsForTheFuture, with the aim being to petition the government

to provide more financial support in order for the events sector to survive post

COVID-19. This is a collaboration between the Association for British Theatre

Technicians (ABTT), the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA),

Production Services Association (PSA), and the Society Of London Theatres

(SOLT), which together represent over 3,000 businesses and individuals.


out more here.

Similarly, last

week, we started a social media campaign to save the supply chain of the Live

Events Industry and we would be grateful if you too were able to support this. Here is the link to our social media

toolkit including

campaign information, assets and example copy you may need to show your support.


WL’s Managing Director Bryan Raven concludes:Although awareness is thankfully now growing, we still need to continue fighting for our industry, as we have not yet seen any viable solutions or plans to reopen theatres, venues, museums, etc. Through collective action, such as partaking in the initiatives above, we believe we can get our voices heard. As seen with the various partnerships between numerous associations, we are all in this together and must now do what we can in order to ensure that, in a post COVID-19 world where people will be hungrier for culture than ever before, we are there to provide this. ”

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