White Light #LightsItInRed in Support of the UK Live Event and Entertainment Industry

Last night, WL’s Wimbledon base was illuminated in the colour red as the company joined hundreds of other organisations and venues across the UK to take part in the #LightItInRed campaign – an initiative that aims to draw attention to the critical condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through this current crisis.






The UK’s creative sector, which includes live entertainment, music, events, theatre, performance, and the arts, generates around £110 billion annually (DCMS figures) for the UK economy. That said, unlike other industries, it is still clouded with uncertainty as there is no set date as to when live events, festivals, performances or productions will reopen following the Covid-19 shutdown. Last month, in Germany, the #NightofLight saw over 9000 buildings, monuments, structures, towers, landmarks, castles, offices, houses, spaces and places illuminated in “Emergency Red” to raise awareness and grab the attention of the public and the government. The event was a huge success and, as such, Steven Haynes from Clearsound Productions and Phillip Berryman from The Backstage Theatre Jobs Forum wanted to host something similar in the UK – hence #LightItInRed was born.






Philip comments: “This was a shout out to the lighting, laser, AV, and video community – companies and individuals – who are involved in events, theatre, performance, and live production. After seeing what happened in Germany, we realised just what a powerful message turning all of these buildings ‘red’ would make. As soon as we launched the campaign, there was immediate sign up from some of the biggest venues in the country and it was at this point we realised just how important this initiative was”.






The campaign saw hundreds of buildings and landmarks across the UK illuminated, from Cornwall’s Minack Theatre, Glastonbury’s bare Pyramid stage, Brighton’s famous pier and the Biomes of the Eden Project, to London venues including The Royal Albert Hall and the National Theatre, and further north to the Blackpool Tower, Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre and countless other sites. Industry companies alongside WL taking part included Robe UK, Neg Earth, PRG UK, Production Park, AC-ET, Ambersphere Solutions, Martin Audio, Lamp & Pencil, Zero 88 and many, many more.











And whilst the government’s £1.57 billion rescue package is greatly appreciated by arts and heritage organisations, there is still no similar support in place for the events industry – which is why it was more important than ever that the initiative went ahead.






Philip explains: “Whilst the rescue package is a glimmer of much needed hope, the same level of support needs to be given to the live events and production sector. Not only is the UK at risk of losing its reputation as a world leader in delivering incredible events, but those who make up the supply chain, including thousands of freelancers, risk losing their livelihoods for good. As such, a huge part of the #LightItInRed campaign was to draw attention to the often hidden workforce behind such events, many of whom are not eligible for any of the government COVID-19 financial schemes”.






WL’s Managing Director Bryan Raven concludes: “We were delighted to take part in #LightItInRed which is one of many initiatives we’re supporting to ensure that the sectors we work in receive the support they require. Whilst these are still very uncertain times, it was humbling to see so many venues and companies across the UK stand in solidarity with one another and show just how vital any form of live events and entertainment is to this country. We just hope that it raises enough awareness to ensure that our friends, colleagues and collaborators receive the support they deserve”.










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