White Light Supplies Griff Livestream at Tate Tanks

Last week, singer Griff held a live-streamed performed inside the Tate Modern’s Tanks Gallery. White Light was called upon to supply the lighting and rigging for the concert.






Following the outbreak of Covid-19 early this year, almost every live music performance has been cancelled or continuously postponed. In an attempt to offer some sort of live concert experience, Griff decided to host a performance in the Tate Modern’s Tanks Gallery; a building she describes as “her dream venue”. Due to the restrictions in place, there was no crowd but rather the live audience was those watching along at home. 











WL was asked to work on the show by IS STUDIO, on behalf of Warner Music Group. The Account Manager for the event was Dominic Yates, who comments: “Over the past few months, we’ve found ourselves working on projects similar to this in which we must work within the government guidelines but at the same time deliver something that is visually impressive and creates that feeling of being at a concert. As an approved supplier to the Tate, we also have a lot of knowledge of the Tanks space and was able to use all of this experience for the Griff livestream”.






The show was designed and operated by Matt Ladkin and it was the task of Dominic and Project Manager Martin Strods to help bring his design to life. Dominic explains: “Matt’s design was there to reflect the mood of the various songs being performed as well as the architecture of the venue. As part of the concert, socially-distanced live drawers were documenting the show on paper, with these drawings then live streamed and projected onto the set. This was a partnership with 2 Be or Not 2 Be Life Drawing Collective who are a BIPOC run art collective based in London”.











For Matt’s design, WL supplied a collection of VL2600 Profiles, Martin Quantam Washes and Source Four Pars which were all driven by a Grand MA2 control system. WL also supplied mirrorballs along with smoke and haze machines. The team of five were on site for only a day, in which they set-up the entire technical set-up while complying to all government guidelines.






Dominic concludes: “This was a great project to work on and we’ve been delighted by all of the brilliant feedback that the concert has received. It’s also another example of how, as a company, we are able to work within these new regulations, adapt our practice and still supply the highest standards of technical solutions”. 









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