, The World Transformed - 11/03/2018

"As chief light engineer for TWT 2017 Morgan Evans played a central role in transforming a disused nightclub, into a venue fit to accommodate thousands of attendees, hundreds of well-known speakers (including Ken Loach and Jeremy Corbyn) as well as the national and international press and all the major broadcasters. One of most successful aspects of the festival was the two club nights, which included acts such as MOBO winner Soweto Kinch and the legendary DJ collective Horse Meat Disco - Morgan's lighting played a massive part in the success of these nights, creating an exciting space and atmosphere, commended by dancers, performers and the venue owners. Throughout the planning, preparation and event itself Morgan was incredibly professional, both in his attitude and execution, and a real pleasure to work with. His ability to remain calm and focused amidst the intense pressure of organising a national political festival under intense scrutiny from the media, with an extremely tight deadline, was highly impressive. I would definitely recommend him."