• ALPD Contract Checklists

    These are a series of checklists to be used when agreeing contracts, deal memos and letters of agreement. There are tailored checklists for different roles in the lighting team.

  • ALPD Professional Practice Guides

    These ALPD guides aim to provide advice on good working practice.

    The ALPD Members Code of Professional Working Practice is to enable high professional standards to be delivered by ALPD members. The Producers’ Good Practice Guide to Working with ALPD Members is to help producers, managements and venues on the best ways of working together, that safeguards physical and mental health of all their teams.

  • ALPD Professional Process Documents

    These are a series of documents which aim to describe the processes required to fulfil the roles of Lighting Designer, Production Electrician and Lighting Programmer.

    These documents are based on the processes of putting on a commercial show, where the full lighting package is hired, therefore sections of these documents may not be applicable to those setting up a show in a producing house venue. 

  • ALPD Substantiated Fees Document

    This document should be used as a guide for producers or companies looking to engage a lighting designer. Please note that these rates are an average, based on reports from members working in these areas, of actual fees being offered by companies in each of these categories.


    The purpose of this document is to be a check list to encourage best practice in agreeing appropriate contracts, letters of agreement and deal notes. It should be read in conjunction with the ALPD Producer’s Guide

  • BECTU Theatre Diversity Action Plan

    Publication of the theatre industry’s first joint union-employer action plan for diversity marks a major step forward towards bringing about greater diversity in the workforce.

  • Coronavirus Financial Guide

    It’s unprecedented: our industry has been brought to an abrupt, dramatic stop by the coronavirus and the measures being put in place to help control its spread. Running shows have been suspended. Events have been cancelled. Upcoming theatre shows have been ‘postponed’, though it’s not hard to imagine those postponements quickly becoming cancellations. Those in jobs are suddenly finding themselves without jobs; those who are self-employed, suddenly finding themselves without work.

    The important thing: you are not alone. Everyone in our industry is in the same position. Many beyond our industry too.

    We thought it might be helpful to pull together a quick ‘financial survival guide’ - things that you can and should do to help see you through these difficult times.

  • Entertainment Lighting Briefing Document for BEIS

    A Briefing Document prepared by the Association for Lighting Production and Design (ALPD) and the Professional Lighting & Sound Association (PLASA),

    10th February 2022

  • Equity Creatives Agreements COVID-19 Variations

    This variation agreement will be in place until April 2021 however, both parties agree that this end date will be amended in line with the review to the UK Theatre/Equity Subsidised Agreement COVID-19 Variation Agreement.

    Please note that it alters the payment structure for design fees and outlines other issues around cancellation and re-instatement of projects due to COVID-19.

  • Global Majority Advertising for Lighting

    Increase Global Majority presence backstage and in your lighting department.

    This document has been generated to help you diversify your lighting team when opportunities arise. These are recommended places to advertise your jobs to reach more Global Majority applicants.

  • Lumiere 20:20 Inclusivity Form

    The ALPD embrace and encourage diversity in many forms and are committed to inclusivity among our community members, including all members, associates and collaborators. Please complete and return this form as part of your application to take part in the scheme.

  • Lumiere Scheme Donation Form

    2020 update of donation form for lumiere scheme

  • PiPA Backstage Workers Report

    The report draws on research carried out before the current Covid-19 crisis, and shows the pressures and challenges faced by the backstage workforce, even when times are normal.  Challenges are particularly felt by women, and by workers who are parents or carers.  It calls for urgent changes in policies and practices.

  • Production Desk Guidelines

    A number of prompts led me to write these guidelines; the issue of unsatisfactory production desks that do not meet basic health and safety standards is not new, but it has recently gained a more prominent profile as a result of articles written by Lighting Designers Johanna Town, Rob Halliday and Mark Jonathan, in industry media. This, together with my own experience of a number of bad examples led me to believe there is room for significant improvement. I wanted to try and tackle the issue, initially planning to build a new set of desks for the Guildhall School in London. Once I was fully into my project, I realised my research could go further, and decided to author this document as a tool for improving production desk health and safety on an industry wide level. My hope is that these guidelines will spread awareness, inform those who may not understand the consequences that flow from unsatisfactory desks and influence those in a position to implement change. They will hopefully enable theatres to improve the situation, build their own desks and seek a more permanent solution.

    **Matthew Dean

    Member of ALPD, ABTT and USITT

    Guildhall School | 2019**

  • Production Lumieres application pack 2021

    Production Lumieres application pack 2021

  • Production Lumieres Mentors

    Production Lumiere Application Pack, Mentors.

  • UK Backstage Entertainment Industry Mental Health Awareness Report 2019

    The team behind the ground-breaking ‘Blackout’ installation are pleased to release the results of the “UK Backstage Entertainment Industry’s Evaluation on Mental Health Awareness”.

    This pioneering study was launched alongside the acclaimed 6-minute immersive experience at the 2019 PLASA Show in London.  The Academic analysis was conducted by Dr Paul Hanna, Research Director in Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey, who has been working with the core creative team since they launched the installation in May at The Guildford School of Acting. 

    The evaluation has been funded by leading industry associations PLASA, ALPD, ASD ABTT and  PSA.

  • UK Hire Companies Map

    This map provides location information for around 150 UK based hire companies, making it easier to find one local to where you are working instead of using a company hundreds of miles away. ALPD corporate and commercial members are highlighted in orange – we are grateful for their valued support and would encourage you to support them with your business if you can.

  • Write to Your MP Template

    We are aware that there are lots of templates in existence already, and we advocate them all, however we want to add our suggestions for those who may not have yet been able to access others. Please investigate other templates to make sure your email / letter is the best of all worlds.

  • What a Programmer Should Know - Basics

    The position of a console programmer (as opposed to an operator) should never be underestimated. It is a difficult job, sometimes under immense pressure. The skills required are ever evolving and need time dedicated to them, and constantly used to achieve a standard that a designer can be happy with and a programmer can confidently say they are at. Therefore it is only fair to all those who do it that they are supported in every way they can be.

    This document highlights the core functions a programmer needs to be able to do. This is only the core part of the syntax required to enable someone to input the data into the desk. It forms the basis of the conversation the ALPD are undertaking to raise the standard and specific role of the programmer in all forms of entertainment lighting.

  • Student Placement Guide

    With so many students approaching Lighting Designers for work placements we thought it would be sensible to clarify what is on offer and what to expect.

    This guide outlines advice for both the student and the lighting designer on how to approach potential placements, what both sides should expect and offer the other and general etiquette of working in a professional work place. It is also a useful guide for tutors to use when setting up such placements.

  • Combined Liability Insurance Scheme

    The policy provides the following sections of cover for Professional & Affiliate members who opt-in to pay a small surcharge on top of their subscriptions.

    • Public Liability

    • Products Liability

    • Professional Indemnity

  • Company Membership Leaflet

    Details about company membership of the ALPD for either large (Corporate) or small (Commercial) organisations

  • ALPD Privacy Policy

    The most recent version of the ALPD' Privacy Policy, incorporating our obligations to members under the 2018 GDPR Regualtions.

  • Links

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  • FAQ's

    ALDWe are gradually compiling answers to queries, help with any common training needs for members using the site and provide solutions to commonly encountered issues.  This page is always a work-in-progress so please let us know if you have any queries that are not listed here.