• ALD Contract Rider

    The purpose of this rider is to encourage good practice and make clear the specific terms and conditions that apply to the Lighting Designer.

  • Suggested Fees Document

    This document should be used as a guide for producers or companies looking to engage a lighting designer. Please note that these rates are an average, based on reports from members working in these areas, of actual fees being offered by companies in each of these categories.

  • What a Programmer Should Know - Basics

    The position of a console programmer (as opposed to an operator) should never be underestimated. It is a difficult job, sometimes under immense pressure. The skills required are ever evolving and need time dedicated to them, and constantly used to achieve a standard that a designer can be happy with and a programmer can confidently say they are at. Therefore it is only fair to all those who do it that they are supported in every way they can be.

    This document highlights the core functions a programmer needs to be able to do. This is only the core part of the syntax required to enable someone to input the data into the desk. It forms the basis of the conversation the ALD are undertaking to raise the standard and specific role of the programmer in all forms of entertainment lighting.

  • Student Placement Guide

    With so many students approaching Lighting Designers for work placements we thought it would be sensible to clarify what is on offer and what to expect.

    This guide outlines advice for both the student and the lighting designer on how to approach potential placements, what both sides should expect and offer the other and general etiquette of working in a professional work place. It is also a useful guide for tutors to use when setting up such placements.

  • Combined Liability Insurance Scheme

    The policy provides the following sections of cover for Professional & Affiliate members who opt-in to pay a small surcharge on top of their subscriptions.
    • Public Liability
    • Products Liability
    • Professional Indemnity

  • Company Membership Leaflet

    Details about company membership of the ALD for either large (Corporate) or small (Commercial) organisations

  • ALD Privacy Policy

    The most recent version of the Association of Lighting Designers' Privacy Policy, incorporating our obligations to members under the 2018 GDPR Regualtions.

  • Links

    The following links are provided in good faith as a useful resource. However, the ALD cannot be responsible for the content of external websites. Please let us know if any of these links are broken or lead to incorrect web sites.

  • FAQ's

    ALDWe are gradually compiling answers to queries, help with any common training needs for members using the site and provide solutions to commonly encountered issues.  This page is always a work-in-progress so please let us know if you have any queries that are not listed here.