Shoreditch Town Hall

Show name ALD Member Type Venue/Company Creative team Opens
Party Skills for the End of the World Marty Langthorne Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall Set designer: Abigail Conway & Bethany Wells Feb 2018
Phone Home Sherry L Coenen Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall
Upstart Theatre Ltd, Pathos Munchen, Highway Productions
Director: Tom Mansfield
, Director: Yannis Kalavrianos
, Director: Michael Sommer
Set designer: Hannah Sibai
Oct 2016
Tell Me Anything Alex Fernandes Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall, then touring
On The Run
Director: Christopher Harrisson
Set designer: Emma Tompkins
Jul 2016
A Duet Without You Marty Langthorne Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall Jun 2015
Daisy Pulls It Off Nic Farman Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall Director: Abbey Wright/Peter Stickney
Set designer: Justin Williams
Mar 2015
Camp NYE Marty Langthorne Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall
Scottee Inc
Set designer: Ginger Johnson Dec 2013
Salon Mashup Edmund Sutton Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall
Armenian Institute
Director: Seta White
Jan 2013
The Serpents Tooth Tim Mascall Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall
Almeida Theatre
Director: Michael Buffong
Set designer: Signe Beckmann
Nov 2012
The Shoreditch Ball with The Blockheads Lawrence Stromski Concert Shoreditch Town Hall
Astral Lighting
Oct 2009
When Shadows Of The World Appear Paul Green Opera Shoreditch Town Hall
Set designer: Emma Morton Jun 2006
Where Shadows of the World Appear Dominic Yates Theatre Shoreditch Town Hall
Set designer: Emma Morton Jun 2006
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