Show name ALD Member Type Venue/Company Creative team Opens
Modelling/Renders Peter Bragg Theatre Various Dec 2099
Safe Drive Stay Alive Nigel A Lewis Theatre Various
London Fire Brigade
Oct 2014
José Carreras - In Concert Michael Grundner Concert Various, then touring Dec 2011
Hydromania Adam Povey Theatre Various
Avanti Display
Director: Bill Palmer
Feb 2011
Aberdeen International Youth Festival 2009 Derek Anderson Theatre Various
Aberdeen International Youth Festival
Aug 2009
Suitcase Cabaret Simon Gethin Thomas Theatre Various
Director: Sam Pallis, Anna Maguire
Jan 2009
The Vienna Art Orchestra Michael Grundner Concert Various, then touring
Vienna Art Orchestra
May 2007
Various Dinner Events Anthony Newton Corporate & Industrial Various
Simon Kennedy Lights Ltd
Sep 2003
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