Pink Mist

with Peter Harrison as Lighting Designer


Set designer:

21/01/2016 to 13/02/2016

Show type:

Press quotes

The extremity of their Afghan experience is emphasised by an intensity of colours in a stark, memorable show design by Peter Harrison and Emma Cains.
Keith Mckenna, British Theatre Guide 29/01/2016
What you remember most is the blaze of red light and military soundscape
Aleks Sierz, The Arts Desk 27/01/2016
life in Bristol is stunningly conveyed in the spare, fluid, dream-like staging where the terrific, tightly drilled cast express themselves in synchronised movement and where the harrowing pain of the flashbacks is underscored by the suggestive sound and lighting designs of, respectively, Jon... continue reading
Paul Taylor, The Independant 27/01/2016
I’d urge you to go and see Pink Mist. Go for the poetry, the blend of the figurative with idiomatic Bristolian language, the epic arc of the three boys’ journey to Afghanistan. Go for the perfectly-timed choreography, the strength and precision of the six actors’ movements. Go for the stunning... continue reading
Xenobe Purvis, 05/02/2016