Lost At Sea

with Katharine Williams as Lighting Designer
, then touring


Set designer:

25/04/2019 to 24/05/2019

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Press quotes

In Ian Brown’s excellent production, spare and precise in its staging, the fishermen take on mythic form. Statuesque under Katharine Williams’s severe lighting, they’re like the heroic archetypes of a Peter Howson painting, facing the seas in defiance on Karen Tennent’s inky black set.
Mark Fisher, The Guardian 29/04/2019
Katharine Williams’s nuanced lighting joining with Karen Tennent’s video design to capture the power and unpredictability of the sea.
Allan Radcliffe, The Times 01/05/2019
Set on a dark stage with little furniture – but lit with great subtlety by Katharine Williams – Karen Tennant’s design is dominated by a backdrop of screens full of monochrome images of a great, towering, shifting sea. Sometimes they are only glimpsed in part, sometimes they seem set to engulf the... continue reading
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman 29/04/2019
The atmosphere of Ian Brown’s production is powerful and constant, thanks in no small measure to the impressive set by Karen Tennent (which is evocative of the darkness of the sea, and is brilliantly illuminated by lighting designer Katharine Williams).
Mark Brown, The Herald 05/05/2019
Katharine Williams’s lighting combines with Pippa Murphy’s soundscapes to scud atmospheres evanescent as cloud shapes.
Clare Brennan, The Observer 05/05/2019