Something or Nothing 2011

with Katharine Williams as Lighting Designer
, then touring


23/02/2011 to 15/05/2011

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Press quotes

He speaks of thought, and consciousness, of the interplay between his experiences growing up and his adult being now. Dartnell separates the inner “I” and places it within a single beam of light, a place where whatever happens, we as an audience are meant to forget.
Jake Orr, A Younger Theatre (blog) 23/02/2011
These are complicated and highly theoretical concepts, but Dartnell manages to convey them without lecturing like a professor of philosophy. One way this is done is by the creative use of lighting, designed by Katharine Williams. At the start of the show Dartnell explains the two spotlights that... continue reading
Laura Anderson, Extra! Extra! 23/02/2011