with Katharine Williams as Lighting Designer
, then touring

Set designer:

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10/03/2006 to 01/02/2008

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Designer's notes: 
<b>Winner of the <i>2006 Total Theatre Award 'for the integration of space, sound, light and physical performance into a whole theatre that is more than the sum of its parts'</i></b> <p> Dramaturg: Jonathan Young. Associate Director: Joseph Alford.

Press quotes

Dramaturg Jonathan Young and his team – lighting designer Katharine Williams, set designer Yukiki Tsukamoto, and sound collaborators Carolyn Douning and Adrienne Quartly – have created a funny, innovative and at times disturbing exploration of how humans hang on to their sanity.
Naomi Mapstone, Financial Times
Hysteria regularly tips over into beautifully controlled excesses that expose the divide between public and private behaviour. The exaggerations work largely because the interplay between the cast, sound and lighting design is so sharply timed.
Donald Huthera, The Times 23/01/2007
Light, music and partly audible conversation accompanied by mime and movement shifts attention back to the centre stage, to the table and couple at the restaurant. The audience by now may not be aware that they are party not only to the research but also to the carefully drawn physical space turgid... continue reading
Rivka Jacobson, British Theatre Guide 31/07/2006
Stamping Ground’s style is truly expressive, the piece is cleverly lit, and the whole piece really does converge around some of the latent hysteria endemic in these over-analytical times.
SG, http://www.fringereview.co.uk/ 08/08/2006