Cotton Wool

with Tim Mascall as Lighting Designer


Set designer:

01/04/2008 to 26/04/2008

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Press quotes

...all aspects of Lisa Spirling’s production are praiseworthy, but a special mention to lighting designer Tim Mascall, whose deft palette control is key to creating a sense of place on a largely unfurnished set
Robert Crowe, Time Out (London) 07/04/2008
We, the audience, are in the midst of a disturbing, messy, unreal world, which at the same time is far too real - and it is only beautiful writing, directing, acting, sound and lighting that together, has the power to create such a world through theatre, and when that happens, a performance can... continue reading
Amber Gregory, Extra! Extra! 08/04/2008
...immediate bouquets to Tim Mascall and Polly Sullivan for their beautiful design.
Christopher Nield, THE EPOCH TIMES 17/04/2008