Photographer: Garry Lake
Photographer: Garry Lake
Photographer: Garry Lake


with Gary Bowman as Lighting Designer

Set designer:

Costume designer:

Sound designer:

01/12/2011 to 23/12/2011

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Press quotes

grippingly atmospheric, dark and tense and confident enough to revel in the sort of stillness and silence that ratchet up the tension.
Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard 02/12/2011
The production's combined use of a runway stage and eerily warm lighting plunges the characters into a harsh, isolated valley.
Naima Khan, Spoonfed 02/12/2011
This is a quartet of fine performances that shine under Blanche McIntyre’s direction played on James Perkin’s setting of a rostrum of bare boards traversing the theatre and atmospherically cross lit by Gary Bowman.
Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide 03/12/2011
This strange yet familiar world is depicted, in James Perkin's design, on a bare stage in the middle of the room, Which Gary Bowman's lighting and George Dennis's sound design delineate so finely that you feel you have stayed in this cottage, been out hunting for foxes at nighttime,... continue reading
Dominic Maxwell, The Times 05/12/2011
This closeness allows for delightfully subtle performances and long, nerve-wracking silences, details captured by the restrained, yet elegant set, sound and lighting designs.
Chris Hislop, Whats On Stage 09/12/2011
There's superb, creepy cross-lighting by Gary Bowman and an excellent, harsh and expertly unnerving sound design from George Dennis. All the elements of the production works with a rare creative coherence that will leave this play lodged in one's mind forever.
Paul Taylor, Independent 15/12/2011