with Elliot Griggs as Lighting Designer



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03/01/2013 to 26/01/2013

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Press quotes

Philip Lindley's set, coupled with lighting by Elliot Griggs, is ingenious. Bookcases lining the back wall take on a life of their own as the play progresses, with lights focusing on relevant shelves.
Laura Silverman, The Arts Desk 05/01/2013
Phillip Lindley’s set design, alongside the lighting of Elliot Griggs is remarkable.
Kirstie Ralph, What's Peen Seen 06/01/2013
...the somersaults of the title, which David Carlyle executes in perilously tight spaces, while Elliot Griggs’ lighting shifts the mood, and walls in Philip Lindley’s set open as a liquidator takes bankrupt stock of James and his goods.
Timothy Ramsden, Reviews Gate 07/01/2013