The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

with Sherry L Coenen as Lighting Designer


13/02/2013 to 12/03/2013

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Press quotes

subtle lighting changes completely alter the tone, and it is often as seamless as film
Piero McCarthy, Bargain Theatreland 14/02/2013
Simon Allison, Sebastian Armesto and Sherry Coenen’s paired back, minimalist approach has the twofold benefit of saving money while harnessing the spirit of the original
Patrick Brennan, Whats on 14/02/2013
Impossible to praise individual actors in such an ensemble: they all perform in harmony with the writing, the effects, the music, the lighting (Sherry Coenen) in a production that is entertaining, thought-provoking, terrifying and funny.
Jill Truman, Islington Gazette 14/02/2013
Imaginative lighting and staging combine with music and physical performance to create a highly aesthetic approach to theatre
Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus 14/02/2013
There’s upbeat music and humorous one-liners alongside an inventive use of lighting to create ominous shadows
Daisy Bowie-Sell, The Telegraph 19/02/2013