Photographer: Ryan Brown
Photographer: Ryan Brown


with Sherry L Coenen as Lighting Designer


02/04/2013 to 04/05/2013

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Production photographs

Press quotes

And Armesto’s pacy, well modulated production gains buoyancy from a sprinkling of authentic sea shanties and good lighting design from Sherry Coenen
Siobhan Murphy, The Metro 05/04/2013
It is certainly a very attractive production, heightened by beautiful lighting design by Sherry Coenen.
Lizzie Kirkwood, The Public Reviews 05/04/2013
Lighting effects (Sherry Coenen) created with hand held lanterns evoke a sense of the briny deep
Bryony Hegarty, N16 Magazine 05/04/2013
Sherry Coenen’s lighting design is atmospheric and inventive
Amy Lawrence, Bargain Theatreland 05/04/2013