Photographer: Jemima Yong
Photographer: Jemima Yong
Photographer: Jemima Yong

This is How We Die

with Sherry L Coenen as Lighting Designer
, then touring
14/06/2014 to 29/11/2015
18/01/2016 to 31/01/2016

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Designer's notes: 
Shortlisted - Total Theatre Award 2014 Winner - Arches Brick Award 2014 Joint winner - TBC award at 2015 Off West End Awards

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Press quotes

What I hadn’t noticed before in the show was how masterful Sherry Coenen’s lighting design is even before the spectacular ending – imperceptibly connecting us to Bailey then isolating him again. It matches the almost trance-like effect of the text itself
Lilith Wozniak, Exeunt Magazine 09/05/2018
The subliminal lighting design of Sherry Coenen adds to the spirituality of the last fifteen minutes of the production. Coenen lights the stage in a mixture of elements of a great rock concert and instances of higher ascension, like celestial gates opening upon death. Fading in and out with barely... continue reading
Andres Ordorica, A Younger Theatre 19/06/2014
The gentle shift of the lighting subtly underscores the tone and eventually dominates at the coda.
Christopher Hong, The Public Reviews 31/10/2014
At the end of Christopher Brett Bailey’s performance of This is how we die the audience are subjected to – and it is a case of being subjected to rather than being passive observers of – a sonic assault that is best imagined as the sound of an imploding, decaying universe and the tentative hope... continue reading
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