Photographer: Robert Gooch
Photographer: Robert Gooch
Photographer: Robert Gooch
Photographer: Robert Gooch

Journey's End

with Alexander Ridgers as Lighting Designer

Set designer:

09/02/2013 to 17/02/2013

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Production photographs

Press quotes

...with the acting aided by some great lighting effects from Alexander Ridgers and a wonderfully atmospheric set and carefully selected costuming from designer, Kemey Lafond...
The Londoneer 14/02/2013
it may seem paradoxical that the actors are neither speaking nor on stage during the best parts of the play. Sound Designer Anjali Kale and Lighting Designer Alexander Ridgers deserve full credit for their excellent work. The play's two biggest moments....exclusively composed of light...with... continue reading
Tom Woods, What's Peen Seen? 16/02/2013
Journey's End can be summed up in two words: absolutely stunning.
Beth Walthaus, remotegoat 16/02/2013
Alexander Ridgers lighting is on pointe with its light and shade...director David Hutchinson has cleverly worked in harmony with all the creatives to ensure that we no longer feel like we are in a theatre, but rather, at war with these men.
Skye Crawford, London Fringe, Fringe Review 11/02/2013