with Sam Waddington as Lighting Designer


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28/06/2017 to 22/07/2017

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Press quotes

"Sam Waddington’s lighting design is crisp and clear, giving definition between states of past and present and taking us into new worlds at the push of a button."
Max May, Live Theatre UK 03/07/2017
"The constant change of setting and flashbacks could prove a challenge. However, through clever direction and a clever lighting plot, this was overcome easily."
Sarah McPartlan, Musical Theatre Musings 01/07/2017
"Usually details like the lighting and sound are good enough to support the performance but not quite good enough to stand out as their own craft. In this case the lighting was as original and exciting as the rest of the musical. Many of the scene changes and mood settings relied almost... continue reading
Christian Fisher, The Weekender 06/07/2017
"Cinematically lit by Sam Waddington, who manages to create a Marvel-worthy apparition."
Francesca Peschier, Exeunt Magazine 03/07/2017
"Lenson’s triumphant direction of a fiendishly complicated web of strands in the story, punctuated with near-perfection by Waddington’s 300 or so lighting cues, is a miracle of stagecraft."
Julian Eaves, 04/07/2017
"Director Adam Lenson's work, combined with lighting designer Sam Waddington and sound designer Andy Hinton, is what makes the musical run smoothly and clearly through the various time jumps. Via interesting use of lighting and a slight echo, Colin travels from his memories with his... continue reading
Cindy Marcolina, Broadway World 01/07/2017