The Black Metaphysical

with Max E Watson as Lighting Programmer


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Designer's notes: 
The Black Metaphysical is a live art/performance piece set in the year 2222. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with abstract concepts, such as being. knowing. time. space. and identity. As a black performance artist, I have examined the questionable acts in society In accordance with the black race such as: the transatlantic slave trade. Nixon's war on drugs. police brutality. mass incarceration. media perceptions and cultural appropriation. "Black is beautiful, Black is excellent, Black is joy, Black is confusing, Black is evident" - Dave I have made connections between the historical and present acts imposed on to the black identity, and I pose the questions, are we the guinea pig race? a product? a money making machine for the west? will we ever truly be seen as human? From the darkest corner of my mind, I have come to an assumption of what I think is one of many potential outcomes for the black racial perception and identity in the future.