Photographer: Johan Persson
Photographer: Johan Persson
Photographer: Johan Persson

Three Days of Rain

with Jon Clark as Lighting Designer


Set designer:

Costume designer:

Sound designer:

30/01/2009 to 09/05/2009

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Designer's notes: 
Knight of Illumination Award 2009.

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Press quotes

Music and a city soundscape add further authenticity to Soutra Gilmour's gray , disused Manhattan loft set. Gilmour even completes the interior with a ceiling, thus providing a literal and metaphorical crack through which lighting designer Jon Clark shines a single fractured beam to dramatize... continue reading
David Benedict, Variety Magazine 12/02/2009
Soutra Gilmour’s beautifully realised set, evocatively lit by Jon Clark, is the downtown Manhattan flat that has, we learn, been occupied by father and son with a space of some 30 years in between.
Jeremy Austin, The Stage 11/02/2009