with Jon Clark as Lighting Designer
, then touring


Costume designer:

01/09/2007 to 01/12/2008

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Press quotes

..with a company who work incredibly well as a unit, and a dusky lighting design from Jon Clark, the overall result is a piece of thought-provoking and visually appealing dance.
Thom Dibdin, The Stage 07/09/2007
Tenderhook is a compelling symbiosis of movement and light.
Kelly Apter, The Scotsman 23/02/2008
The opening to Liv Lorent’s tenderhook must be one of the most beautiful in this year’s Fringe. Philippa White’s body becomes slowly discernible in Jon Clark’s exquisite lighting: she appears almost nude under the fresh glow, en pointe, twirling poi ribbons that look like Catherine wheels in her... continue reading
Lucy Ribchester, The British Theatre Guide 11/08/2008
Jon Clark's stunning lighting design gives the whole piece an ethereal feel.
Kelly Apter, The List 28/02/2008
This is a visionary piece, combining music, colour, light (richly created by Jon Clark), smoke, Paul Shriek's pink and green costume design and beautifully graceful, balletic dancing.
Vivien Devlin, EdinburghGuide.com 20/03/2008