King Lear

with Jon Clark as Lighting Designer




Set designer:

Costume designer:

Sound designer:

18/02/2010 to 26/08/2010

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Press quotes

Jon Clark's lighting washes all of David Farr's production in a dark, swirling mist, save – with a sad and clever irony – the scene in which Geoffrey Freshwater's very good, clubbable Gloucester is blinded. As his eyeball is flipped casually out of its socket and on to the boards,... continue reading
Susannah Clapp, The Observer 07/03/2010
The grim and grime of the play has been fully expressed in Jon Bausor's design and Jon Clark's unremitting lighting
Michael Coveney, The Independent 08/03/2010
The period setting is not specific: a medieval/Edwardian/ modern-day militarised state where the chandeliers flicker in Lear's jerry-built fortress. That ingeniously foreshadows the storm scene, when the King's world collapses and he goes mad in hallucinatory flashes of lightning... In an... continue reading
Kate Bassett, The Independent on Sunday 14/03/2010